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Opportunity Funds

Claremont McKenna College recognizes that financial aid alone is often insufficient for a full, four-year experience. In order to provide singular, transformative opportunities to each and every student, the Kravis Opportunity Fund (KOF), alongside other alumni and family opportunity funds, ensure students with financial need are provided increased access through a range of benefits and support structures, including: 

  • guaranteed funding for a first-year summer internship or experience (including a summer savings grant);
  • kick-off grants to cover costs like dorm set-up, interview and Athenaeum attire, and technology;
  • grants for health insurance coverage;
  • financial support to participate in College-sponsored networking trips, research travel, academic conference attendance, participation in our job showing programs and other endeavors; and
  • travel funding for low-income families to visit campus for Family Weekend

GIFTS OF ALL SIZES assist students in a variety of ways. Many student needs can be addressed with gifts of $50, $500 or $5000. Opportunity funds help students bridge the funding gap and access appropriate resources for their success.

A GIFT OR COMMITMENT OF $100,000 provides the resources to benefit a student in perpetuity and a named endowment opportunity.

Students who have received “kick-off” grants for academic and professional success.

Students who have received funds for emergency needs through the help of donors.

Students who have been awarded health care grants since the inception of KOF.

Family members who have received travel assistance to campus for special events.

Download the Opportunity Funds One Sheet picture_as_pdf


Labiba Hassan ’25.
Labiba Hassan ’25

The Kravis Opportunity Fund enabled me to pursue my passions and strengthen my skills through an internship with the Save the Children Action Network in Washington, D.C. Working in the NGO sector can be difficult, although it is very necessary to support human rights. My main role was to assist with the logistical planning of a three-day, national summit, which helps advocates lobby for children’s rights. It was extremely rewarding to go through the feedback forms afterward and read about how much people enjoyed the summit —especially some of my contributions. I also helped to track elections and legislation, such as the Congressional race in Virginia. Although I had previously paid attention to the news, tracking candidates and legislation has helped me to be much more thorough with my own research and take action on my own.

Aaron Morales ‘25.
Aaron Morales ’25

Support from the Kravis Opportunity Fund has given me the chance to delve deeper into accounting and the professional world. I cherish the insights and relationships I formed during my internship at PwC. Without this support, I would not have been able to participate in this internship, so I am deeply grateful for the doors it opened for me. It is no exaggeration to say that this experience has changed my life for the better.

Hannah Adams ’26.
Hannah Adams ’26

During my internship, I shadowed and assisted two Los Angeles County District Attorneys. My main role was to assist them in filing cases, which consisted of gathering and watching evidence to determine what would be best to bring in front of a jury. Thanks to the support of the Kravis Opportunity Fund, I was able to travel to downtown Los Angeles every day. The relationships I made with my attorneys and colleagues were extremely valuable, and because of this experience, I want to pursue a career in criminal justice.