Romero Success Coaches

Romero Success Coaches are here to help develop well-being, academic, and life skills & strategies with you to achieve your goals at CMC.

Meet with us to talk through time management and organization, overcoming procrastination and test anxiety, efficient reading and note-taking, and exam prep. We can also help with goal-setting and habit-building, streamlining workflow, sleep management, stress-tolerance and coping skills, and healthy living.

We are holding open drop-in hours and appointments in-person, with the option to request a Zoom meeting instead. Once you make an appointment through our platform (WCOnline), the RSC will reach out to confirm.



Romero Success Coach Bios

Spring 2024


Hailey Kang
Hailey Kang ’24


Major: Biochemistry with Leadership Sequence

Talk to me about time management, effective planning and organization, and mental health.

Hi! My name is Hailey, and I am from Orange County, California! On campus, I am a part of the Kravis Leadership Institute, APASA, and biochemistry research at the Keck Science Department! Through joining these organizations, I’ve been able to meet people outside of both my major and school; I’m looking forward to helping you to take advantage of the amazing opportunities offered at CMC and through the consortium! I’m also super passionate about organization, specifically keeping my Notion planner always up to date and pretty (talk to me if you want a template!), and I would love to find ways for you to stay organized and reach your goals. Hope to see you soon!

Carly Kirsch
Carly Kirsch ’24


Major: Psychology w/ a Leadership Sequence

Talk to me about creating routines, mindfulness, student-athlete balance, and optimizing brain health.

Hey! My name is Carly and I am from Atkinson, NH. On campus, I am a thrower for the CMS Track & Field team, but you can also find me on a tennis court channeling Serena Williams. I love reading a myriad of self help books so I’m currently practicing inner stillness, inspired by Eckhart Tolle, while also living in accordance with my desires rather than society’s expectations, influenced by Glennon Doyle.

Creating routines and habit tracking systems has allowed me to crush my academic and athletic goals while also finding time to take care of my mental health. If you want help transforming your lifestyle so it works for you, I’d love to chat! I look forward to helping you win small everyday so you can dominate in the future!

Javier Gonzalez ’24

Major: Psychology w/ a Data Science Sequence

Talk to me about time management, work-life balance, planning and organization, and self-care techniques,

Hi everyone! My name is Javier, and I am a first-gen student from Houston, Texas! You can find me all over campus, getting iced coffee at the HUB, scrolling through Twitter, or hanging out with friends! On campus, I’m one of the RA’s of Berger, President of ¡Mi Gente!, a Head Consultant at the CWPD, and a sponsor for CLSA! 

I love to be involved with everything on campus, joining these clubs and organizations has allowed me to strengthen my time management and organization skills but has also reminded me to consider my capacity before taking on new projects. Through navigating academics and commitments here, I’ve learned to prioritize my mental health while making sure I give it my all. I’m excited to help you achieve your goals and find strategies to implement into your routine that’ll make us both successful!

Gev Nweke '24

Major: Economics & Engineering

Talk to me about 3+2, time management, organization, health, scheduling

Hey guys! My name is Gev Nweke. I was born in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria and moved the U.S at the age of 7. I’ve lived in Houston ever since. Fun fact about me is that I love shoes and usually am studying with friends at the hub. I also work at the Athenaeum, so come by when you get the chance.

I love you being organized and as a 3+2 student it is essential that I’m organized so I could be successful. I know with academics, clubs, and other social activities being able to effectively balance your time would help ease the transition at CMC. It may seem tough but I’m here to help. Come by and I’ll help you in figuring out the step you need for success!

Ria Passi ’24

Majors: Government & Psychology w/ a Data Science Sequence

Talk to me about time management, mental health, mindfulness, internship exploration, and effective planning.

Hi! My name is Ria and I am from the Bay Area. On campus, I am the VP of the Innovations division for Claremont Women in Business. We are working on Market off Sixth, a place for students to donate and resell clothesI also spent this past summer as a True Ventures fellow and gained an amazing network in the startup and VC space.

I have learned new organizational skills during my time at CMC that have allowed me to work toward my academic and personal goals. Although adjusting to a new routine can often be challenging, I have found that prioritizing healthy habits has created a strong work/life balance. I would love to connect you with resources that will support your well-being and success on campus, and beyond. Feel free to reach out and chat!

Julissa Ponce '24
Julissa Ponce ’24

Majors: Economics-Accounting

Hi! My name is Julissa Ponce and I’m a first-generation student from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. On campus, I am a Robert Day Scholar and VP of the Claremont Accounting Association. I love spending time outdoors and you will usually find me taking a morning stroll across the Claremont colleges. Family is really important to me - I visit my grandparents in Mexico at least twice a year. Love the generosity, simplicity, and spontaneity! I’m all about balancing academics, social life, and extracurriculars (and still getting enough sleep!). Let’s take care of ourselves this semester -  looking forward to meeting with you :). 

Stuart McCallum '25
Stuart McCallum ’25


Majors: Economics w/ Leadership Sequence

Talk to me about: student-athlete Balance, time management, & building healthy habits.

Hi! My name is Stuart McCallum. I’m from Lexington, Massachusetts and an obnoxious Boston sports fan. On campus, I am a member of the Stags basketball team and supporter of all things CMS. I am passionate about finding an effective way to balance between all of your commitments at CMC. Please reach out if you are interested in building a healthier and more efficient lifestyle.

Rafael Otero '25
Rafael Otero ’25


Majors: Philosophy and Public Affairs

Talk to me about time management, de-stressing techniques, student-athlete balance.

Hi! My name is Rafi and I am from Seattle, Washington. On campus I am a member of the men’s soccer team, and can be found studying in Poppa and skating around to my classes. I’m here to help students manage their time successfully, and offer strategies for improving well-being.

Cody Babcock ’24

Majors: Philosophy & German

Talk to me about holistic wellness, finding purpose, mental well-being, time management, organization, phone/social-media addiction.

Hi! My name is Cody and I am a senior from Santa Fe, New Mexico. I feel like a lot of people on campus are driven towards a goal, but don’t know why he/she set that goal in the first place. I am here to accompany you as you find your purpose, your drive, and why you wish to do what you want to do and go where you want to go in your life. You are so full of potential and good things; I want to help you harness that power. Let’s make your semester great.

Isabel Yau-Weeks ’25

Major: Environmental Analysis

Talk to me about: student-athlete balance, mental health, and time management. 

Hi, I’m Isabel from Oakland, CA but you can call me Izzy! I’m on the CMS volleyball team, the VP of my 5C a cappella group, and a FYG! I’m also majoring in Environmental Analysis through Pomona so come talk to me if you’re interested in majoring off campus. Juggling various commitments has allowed me to develop a skill set in time management and self care and I’d love to help you do the same or discuss anything else!

Nathaniel Kim '25

Major: Philosophy & History

Talk to me about student-athlete balance, time management, dealing with grief or challenging times, and work life balance

Hi! My name is Nate Kim and I am a junior from Orange County, CA. You can mainly find me at Roberts Pavilion, the Reading Room, or my dorm room on Green Beach. 

On campus, I am a member of the Men's Soccer Team, a SAAC Representative, a Tour Guide, and an APAM Mentor. Throughout my time at CMC, I have dealt with many difficult and challenging times which have taught me many valuable lessons. I am passionate about effectively managing my time while also having a healthy work life balance. I'm very excited to help you all reach the goals you set for this year and look forward to chatting with you soon!

Celine Bernhardt-Lanier ’26


Major: Religious Studies w/ a Leadership Sequence

Talk to me about work-life balance, building healthy routines, managing stress, finding belonging.

Hi, my name is Celine and I’m a Franco-American from Barcelona! I’m the co-president of the Outdoor Initiative Club, a leader in the Jumpstart program through Pitzer, and a member of the Effective Altruism Club. I’m always exploring new hobbies that push me outside of my comfort zone. “Seize all opportunities” is my mantra, both on and off campus. Catch me joining CPB trips, orchestrating OI hikes and camping trips, tapping into my creativity at The Hive, or keeping pace with the Running Club. I love embracing the small moments and creating meaningful connections.

I'm here to help you prioritize self-care, conquer stress, and find invaluable resources to help you feel confident, capable, and empowered. Can’t wait to connect!

James Frye ’26

Major: Economics

Talk to me about: Student-Athlete balance, creating routines, and time management.

Hi! My name is James Frye. I lived in the Bay Area my whole life but just moved to beautiful Bend, Oregon. I am a huge basketball fan and Kevin Durant supporter, and am also a member of the CMS Men’s Basketball Team. As a student athlete, I would love to chat about balancing all of your responsibilities on campus, whether that’s classes, sports, clubs, social life, and more! In addition, I’d love to help you develop better organizational skills/study habits to improve your experience at CMC!

Desiree Galamgam ’26


Major: Literature w/ Gender & Sexuality Studies Sequence

Talk to me about time management, study strategies, work/life balance, google calendar/notion, and being a First-Gen Low-Income Student! 

Hey everyone! I'm Desiree, and I'm a FGLI Filipino student from San Diego, California. You'll probably see me running around campus as Questbridge's Vice-President, Club Soda's Co-President, ASCMC's Academic Affairs Chair, and as CPB's Director of Outreach. You may also find me reading (YA and classical literature), playing volleyball, crocheting, or in one of the many study spots on campus (shoutout to the reading room <3). 

I can't wait to get to know you and to hear your story. Let's work together to help you set and reach your goals, explore your passions, and navigate the many resources that CMC/5C has to offer! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Olivia Licata '25

Major: International Relations & Public Policy w/ Leadership Sequence

Talk to me about work-life balance, making the most of your CMC experience, self-care and self-love, and finding direction and purpose in college 

Hi! My name is Olivia Licata and I am from New Canaan, Connecticut. You can find me hanging out in the grassy spaces on campus, eating dinner at the Ath, teaching dance at the local senior center or out exploring the incredible nature of Southern California. I believe that we need to make the most of our four years at CMC by taking advantage of all the resources and opportunities available to us both on and off campus. Come chat with me if you want some tips on how!