John Prendergast, Fall 2016

John Prendergast

During the week of October 3-7, we welcomed John Prendergast back to CMC. Mr. Prendergast, Founding Director of the Enough Project and a Human Rights Activist and Podlich Fellow, first visited CMC in February 2016 and is back for a week-long series of special events:

Monday, October 3:

1:15pm – International Law and Human Rights: Professor Pamela Gann’s class, KRV 321.

5:30pm – International Finance and Human Rights: "Steve Jobs, Celebrities, Cell Phones, and Students". Collaboration with Robert Day School Scholars, dinner provided. LC63 RSVP to

Tuesday, October 4:

6pm – "7 Stories of Change and Transformation", Parents Dining Room, RSVP to

Wednesday, October 5:

2:45pm – "Keeping the Peace: The Role of Civil Society" – CMC/Pomona International Relations class, Millikan #1051 (Pomona College).

6pm – "New Approaches to Countering War and Atrocities in Africa", CMC Athenaeum, RSVP on Athenaeum website.

Thursday, October 6:

5:30pm – "Human Rights and Film" – Panel discussion: John Prendergast, Bonnie Abaunza (Founding Director, The Abaunza Group), and Professor Sarah Sarzynski (Assistant Professor of History), pizza dinner provided, LC 62. RSVP to

7pm – The Heart of Nuba, Film Screening, LC 62.

Friday October 7:

12:00pm – "Human Rights Atrocities and the Failure of Legal Systems" - Roundtable discussion with President Hiram Chodosh, LC 62. RSVP to