Senior Thesis Awards 2016-17

Comparative Politics:
Malika Dhalla

“Blood Ba’ath: The Rise and Fall of the Ba’ath Party in Syria and Iraq”

Best Original Idea: 
Yu Fu

“Tapping the Potential of Sport: Incentives in China’s Reformation of the Sports Industry”

Field Research:  
Sarah Sanbar

“De-Fence, Europe! The Role of the Defense Industry in Shaping EU Border Policy in Response to the Refugee Crisis”

International Security/International Relations: 
Annushka Shivnani

“The Perfect Storm: Failures of U.S. Foreign Policy and the Disintegration of U.S. - Russian Relations

Comparative Political Economy: 
Nicole Southard

“Natural Disasters: The Socio-political and Economic Root Causes”

Best Research Design: 
Caroline Willian

“Brain Drain in the Southern Cone: Analysis and Recommendations for Policymakers”