​CMCListens is an option for our community to report issues or ask questions in a confidential, safe way. If you are uncomfortable approaching a CMC employee directly about an issue you find concerning, you can submit an anonymous report or question through CMCListens.

Fill out the online form; or
call 800-461-9330 in the U.S.; or
call 702-514-4400 collect if outside the U.S.

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This page is designed to give you more information about the program. If you have have questions about the program after reviewing this page, contact General Counsel Matthew Bibbens at or 909-607-8966.

What is CMCListens?

This is an anonymous reporting platform which is run by a third party (Convercent).  You can submit a report of any concern you have or can pose a question by calling into a representative or via an online form.  Convercent will provide you with an identification number for your report or question.  Along with your password (which you will create), these numbers allow you to log back in or call in to follow up on the status of your report or to exchange anonymous messages with CMC about your report.

Why does CMC need this?

CMC is dedicated to our mission of responsible leadership in everything we do.  To meet the highest standards in all we do, the ability to report troubling incidents or to ask questions about issues of special concern is fundamental.  While we hope that our students and employees feel comfortable directly approaching us to talk over troubling issues, we recognize that sometimes people will feel more comfortable making an anonymous report.

Who can use CMCListens?

Anyone.  Although we expect students and employees to be the primary users, anyone can make a report, including vendors, parents, or alumni.

What kind of issues are appropriate for CMCListens?

Any non-emergency issue you find concerning.  For an emergency, call 911 or Campus Safety.  CMCListens has a list of pre-populated categories you can choose from (ranging from academic concerns to student/employee wellness to hazardous conditions).  If you are not sure how to label your concern, simply choose the “Other” category and we will make sure to route your issue to the appropriate person.

How do I use CMCListens?

You can make an anonymous report or pose a question two different ways.

First, you can call toll free to 800-461-9330 if within the United States, or, if outside the United States, via a collect call to 702-514-4400

Second, you can fill out an online form.  The quick videos below will show you step-by-step how to fill out the online form.

How to submit a report:


How to ask a question:


What happens after I make a report?

The system sends immediate notifications to senior staff within the CMC department that would be responsible for following up on the report (e.g. for financial concerns, the Office of the Treasurer would be notified; for facilities concerns, Facilities and Campus Services would be notified).  Senior department personnel will thoroughly investigate your report.

Will anyone tell me the result of my report?

You can find out whether your report is being investigated or closed after investigation.  However, you will not be given details or told the result of the investigation, as those often are confidential issues which we cannot divulge.  Even though you are not told the result, rest assured that the College appreciates being made aware of your concerns and will look into every single one.

Will my report really be anonymous?

Yes.  You can also choose to provide your contact information, but you are not required to do so.  If you don’t submit your contact information, please check back often on the status of your report or question, as the College official designated to respond to your complaint may ask you follow-up questions.  The software is designed to allow us to communicate confidentially and without jeopardizing your anonymity.  It is possible that the College may need more information than what you initially provide with your initial report to thoroughly investigate your concern.

If you choose to remain anonymous, the third-party provider will not disclose any of your information (including the IP address used to log into the system) to anyone, including CMC.

What if I have a concern about a high-ranking CMC employee?

If you have a concern about a College senior staff member and want to ensure that the notification is not sent to that staff member, select the “Other” category and simply write a description of what you want the College to know.  Anything designated as “Other” is only sent to the General Counsel’s Office. 

If you have a concern about the General Counsel, please contact CMC’s outside counsel, Apalla Chopra. Ms. Chopra is a partner with the law firm O’Melveny & Myers LLP and can be reached at 213-430-6082 or