Foundational Beliefs and Principles

CMC is committed to an open and inclusive environment that values diversity and reinforces respectful, deliberate, civil discourse on issues of common concern. The College strives to be an environment in which the full expression of personal and intellectual perspectives is protected and encouraged. Foundational to this goal are the following core beliefs and principles shared by the CMC community:

  • We value and respect difference, and recognize that no person can be reduced to one dimension of identity.
  • We believe that responsible leaders must have the tools to engage multiple dimensions of identity and must strive for inclusivity in intellect, ability, and perspective.
  • We acknowledge that we learn the most when we interact with people who are different from ourselves, when we encounter new experiences and perspectives, and when we work together to achieve common goals.
  • We support critical inquiry, freedom of association, and freedom of speech as hallmarks of higher education.
  • We seek to find a balance between challenging and supportive spaces for students to engage in dialogue and to learn from one another.
  • We affirm that there is no one way to learn in a diverse community; there are no fixed spaces in which diversity resides, and there is no official ideology or discourse to be adhered to.