Aaron Leconte, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Chemistry


Keck Science

Areas of Expertise



B.A., Chemistry, Carleton College (2000-2004); Ph.D., Chemical Biology, The Scripps Research Institute (2004-2009); NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University (2009-2012).

Research and Publications

E. L. Lewis and A. M. Leconte. (in press). DNA polymerase activity assay using near-infrared fluorscent labeled DNA visualized by acrylamide gel electrophoresis. Journal of Visualized Experiments

S. L. Rosenblum, A. G. Weiden, E. L. Lewis, A. L. Ogonowsky, H. E. Chia, S. E. Barrett, M. D. Liu, and A. M. Leconte . (2017). Design and discovery of new combinations of mutant DNA polymerases and modified DNA substrates. Chembiochem 18: 816.

H.J. Schultz, A. M. Gochi, H. E. Chia, A. L. Ogonowsky, S. Chiang, N. Filipovic, A. G. Weiden, E. E. Hadley, S. E. Gabriel and A. M. Leconte . (2015). Taq DNA polymerase mutants and 2’ modified sugar recognition. Biochemistry 54: 5999.

A. M. Leconte, G. T. Hwang, S. Matsuda, P. Capek, Y. Hari, and F. E. Romesberg . (2008). Discovery, Characterization, and Optimization of an Unnatural Base Pair for Expansion of the Genetic Alphabet. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130: 2336.

A. M. Leconte, B. C. Dickinson, D. D. Yang, I. A. Chen, B. Allen, D. R. Liu . (2013). A Population-Based Experimental Model for Protein Evolution: Effects of Mutation Rate and Selection Stringency on Evolutionary Outcomes. Biochemistry 52: 1490.