Colin Robins

Colin Robins, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

I am an environmental scientist, physical geographer, soil scientist, and geologist. Soils, sediments, and landforms are brilliantly puzzling, complex palimpsests that reflect both ancient and present-day environmental conditions. I study the ways in which landscape components record surface, climate, and ecosystem histories at scales ranging from the nanometer to the kilometer. My chief research interests include: (1) the study of desert soils and the pursuit of new, quantitative, isotopic measures of arid soil minerals and geomorphic surface ages, (2) paleoenvironmental reconstruction from paleosols; and (3) applications of soil science and geochemistry to challenges in species conservation and/or land management.

Ph.D., University of Nevada Las Vegas (Geoscience); M.S., Oregon State University,(Soil Science); B.A., Macalester College (Geology & Spanish)
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