Cory Davia, PhD

Visiting Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise

Ethics and Moral Issues


Cory Davia is joining the Philosophy Department as a Visiting Assistant Professor. He specializes in ethics, metaethics, and philosophy of action. His research addresses questions about the role of reflection in practical agency, the nature of reasons for action, and the relationship between morality and rationality. Cory also works on the scholarship of teaching and learning, where his research focuses on how to help students learn from discussion.


PhD in Philosophy, UC San Diego (2020); MA in Philosophy, UW Milwaukee (2012); BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Claremont McKenna College (2010)

Research and Publications

"Reasons, Weight, and Hybrid Approaches to the Metaphysics of Practical Normativity" (2023) American Philosophical Quarterly

"Moral Encroachment and the Ideal of Unified Agency" (2022) Philosophical Explorations

"Reflection Without Regress" (2019) Pacific Philosophical Quarterly

"Moral Deference and Deference to an Epistemic Peer" (2015) Philosophical Quarterly (coauthored with Michele Palmira)

"Using Deliberate Practice to Help Students Learn from Discussion" (2021) in Teaching Gradually: Practical Pedagogy, for Graduate Students by Graduate Students

"Zoom Teaching and Establishing New Classroom Norms" (2021) Journal for Research and Practice in College Teaching