Darren Filson

Darren Filson, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics

Robert Day School of Economics and Finance

Darren Filson
(909) 607-6796
Bauer Center 325

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MW 10:50-11:30am, 2:30-3:30pm
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I am the Academic Director of the Silicon Valley Program and the Director of Graduate Programs at Claremont McKenna College. Students interested in the Silicon Valley Program, the BA/MA Program, or the 4+1 BA/MBA Program should contact me to discuss course selection and planning.

Ph.D., University of Rochester
  • The Carol and Bruce Mallen Award for Lifetime Published Scholarly Contributions to Motion Picture Industry Economic Studies, 2015

  • John M. Olin Faculty Fellowship, National Association of Scholars, 2001-2002

  • “The Performance of Global Film Franchises: Installment Effects and Extension Decisions” with James H. Havlicek, Journal of Cultural Economics, forthcoming. Link

  • “Evaluating Mergers in the Presence of Dynamic Competition Using Impacts on Rivals" with Saman Olfati and Fatos Radoniqi, Journal of Law and Economics 58:4 (November 2015): 915-34. 

  • “The Impacts of Gramm-Leach-Bliley Bank Diversification on Value and Risk” with Saman Olfati, Journal of Banking & Finance 41 (April 2014): 209-21.

  • “A Markov-Perfect Equilibrium Model of the Impacts of Price Controls on the Performance of the Pharmaceutical Industry” RAND Journal of Economics 43:1 (Spring 2012): 110-138.

  • “The Impacts of the Rise of Paragraph IV Challenges on Startup Alliance Formation and Firm Value in the Pharmaceutical Industry” with Ahmed Oweis, Journal of Health Economics 29:4 (July 2010): 575-84.

  • “Spinouts: Knowledge Diffusion through Employee Mobility” with April M. Franco, RAND Journal of Economics 37:4 (Winter 2006): 841-60.

  • “Equity Links and Information Acquisition in Biotechnology Alliances” with Rosa Morales, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 59:1 (January 2006): 1-28.

  • “At the Movies: The Economics of Exhibition Contracts” with David Switzer and Portia Besocke, Economic Inquiry 43:2 (April 2005): 354-69.

  • “The Impact of E-Commerce Strategies on Firm Value: Lessons from Amazon.com and Its Early Competitors” Journal of Business 77:2 pt.2 (April 2004): S135-S154.

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  • “The Nature and Effects of Technological Change over the Industry Life Cycle” Review of Economic Dynamics 4:2 (April 2001): 460-94.