Lars Schmitz, PhD

Kravis Associate Professor of Integrated Sciences: Biology


Kravis Department of Integrated Sciences

Areas of Expertise



Diplom-Geologe (MSc equivalent), Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

PhD Geology, University of California Davis

Research and Publications

Sander*, P.M., Griebeler*, E.-M., Klein, N., Velez Juarbe, J., Wintrich, T., Revell, L.J., & L. Schmitz* (2021). Early giant reveals faster evolution of large size in ichthyosaurs than in cetaceans. Science 374 (6575): eabf5787. 

Choiniere, J.N., Neenan, J.M., Schmitz, L., Ford, D.P., Chapelle, K.E.J., Balanoff, A.M., Sipla, J.S., Georgi, J.A., Walsh, S.A., Norell, M.A., Xu, X., Clark, J.M., & R.B.J. Benson (2021). Evolution of vision and hearing modalities in theropod dinosaurs and specialized nocturnality in a long-lived lineage. Science, 372 (6542): 610-613.

MacIver, M.A.*, Schmitz, L.*, Ugurcan, M., Murphy, T.D., & C. D. Mobley (2017). Massive increase in visual range preceded the origin of terrestrial vertebrates. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114(12): E2375-2384. 

Angielczyk, K. D. & L. Schmitz* (2014). Nocturnality in synapsids predates the origin of mammals by over 100 million years. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, 281:20141642.

Fröbisch, N., Fröbisch, J., Sander, P.M.*, Schmitz, L.* & O. Rieppel (2013). A macropredatory ichthyosaur from the Middle Triassic and the origin of modern trophic networks. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110 (4): 1393-1397.

Schmitz, L.* & R. Motani (2011). Nocturnality in dinosaurs inferred from scleral ring and orbit morphology. Science, 332: 705-708.

*corresponding author

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