Lisa K. Meulbroek, Ph.D.

Fritz B. Burns Professor of Financial Economics


Robert Day School of Economics and Finance

Areas of Expertise

Financial Economics
Risk Management


A.B., University of Chicago; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research and Publications

"The Promise and Challenge of Integrated Risk Management." Risk Management and Insurance Review, 5 (4), 2002.

"Company Stock in Pension Plans: How Costly Is It?" Harvard Business School Working Paper 02-058.

"A Senior Manager’s Guide to Integrated Risk Management," Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, 14 (4), 2002, 56-70.

"A Better Way to Manage Risk," Harvard Business Review 79 (2), 2001, 22-23.

"An Empirical Analysis of Illegal Insider Trading," Journal of Finance 47 (5), 1992, 1661-1700.