Richard C. Burdekin

Richard C.K. Burdekin, Ph.D.

Jonathan B. Lovelace Professor of Economics

Robert Day School of Economics and Finance
Areas of Expertise:
Banking, Central Bank Policymaking, Chinese Economy, Inflation, Macroeconomics, Money and Finance, Political Economy

Richard C. Burdekin
(909) 607-2884
(909) 621-8249
Bauer Center 317
  • Education
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  • Research and Publications
B.A., University of Warwick, England; M.Sc., University of Bristol, England; M.A., Ph.D., University of Houston
  • 2011 Pacific-Basin Finance Journal Best Paper Award for “Enter the Dragon: Interactions between Chinese, US and Asia-Pacific Equity Markets, 1995-2010” (coauthored with Pierre L. Siklos).

  • 2008-2009 Chiang Ching-kuo Distinguished Scholar Grant for project on "Chinese Financial Market Interdependence: Crisis and Opportunity"

  • 2004-2005 Chiang Ching-kuo Scholar Grant for book project on "China's Monetary Challenges" that was published in 2008 by Cambridge University Press under the title "China's Monetary Challenges: Past Experiences and Future Prospects."

  • Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 1998 (5th Edition, Volume IV); 2003-2004 (8th Edition, Volume VI); and 2004-2005 (9th Edition, Volume VIII)