Sharda Umanath, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology

Areas of Expertise:
Cognition, Experimental Psychology, Memory

Sharda Umanath
(909) 607-9332
Seaman 221


Autobiographical Memory

Cognitive Psychology

Research Methods & Practicum

  • Education
  • Research and Publications
A.B. Washington University in St. Louis; M.A. Duke University; Ph.D. Duke University
  • Umanath, S. & Marsh, E. J. (2014). Understanding how prior knowledge influences memory in older adults. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 9, 408-426.

    Rubin, D. C. & Umanath, S. (2015). Event Memory: A Theory of Laboratory, Autobiographical, and Fictional Memories of Events. Psychological Review, 122, 1-23.

    Umanath, S. & Marsh, E.J. (2012). Aging and the memorial consequences of catching contradictions with prior knowledge. Psychology and Aging, 27, 1033-1038.

    Umanath, S., Butler, A.C. & Marsh, E.J. (2012). Positive and negative effects of monitoring popular films for historical inaccuracies. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 26, 556-567.