Suzanne Obdrzalek, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy



Areas of Expertise

Ancient Philosophy


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, Department of Philosophy, Program in Ancient Philosophy, 2004; B.A. Stanford University, Department of Philosophy, 1997

Awards and Affiliations

Article Prize, Journal of the History of Philosophy, 2010

Research and Publications

“Contemplation and Self-Mastery in Plato’s Phaedrus”—Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, Vol. 42

From Skepticism to Paralysis: the Apraxia Argument in Cicero's Academica—Ancient Philosophy, Vol. 32

“Next to Godliness: Pleasure and Assimilation to God in Plato’s Philebus”—Apeiron, Vol. 45

“Moral Transformation and the Love of Beauty in Plato’s Symposium”—Journal of the History of Philosophy, Vol. 48

“Living in Doubt: Carneades’ Pithanon Reconsidered”—Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, Vol. 31