Kanaya Tomoe

Tomoe Kanaya, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Berger Institute

Ph.D., Cornell University; M.A., Cornell University; A.B., Bryn Mawr College


(909) 607-0719

Seaman Hall 227

Curriculum Vitae

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Selected Research and Publications

  • Kanaya, T. & Ceci, S.J.(in press). The impact of the Flynn effect on LD diagnoses in special education. Journal of Learning Disabilities

  • Kanaya, T. & Ceci, S.J. (2011). The Flynn effect on the WISC subtests in school children tested for special education services. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 29, 125-136.

  • Kanaya, T. & Ceci, S.J. (2007). Are all IQ scores created equal? The differential costs of IQ cut-off scores for at-risk children. Child Development Perspectives, 1, 52-56.

  • Kanaya, T., Ceci, S.J., & Scullin, M.H. (2005). Age differences in secular IQ trends: An individual growth modeling approach. Intelligence, 33, 613-621.

  • Kanaya, T., Scullin, M.H. & Ceci, S.J. (2003). The Flynn effect and U.S. policies: The impact of rising IQ scores on American society via Mental Retardation diagnoses. American Psychologist, 58, 1-13.

Selected Awards and Affiliations

  • John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation: Faculty Fellowship, 2010-2011 (PI)

  • American Education Research Association: Division G Social Context of Education Research Fellow, 2006-2011

  • Spencer Foundation: 2 Year Research Grant, 2007-2008 (PI: Grant # 2007-00115)