Athenaeum Policies for Speaker Events


Advanced online reservations for Athenaeum meals are required. Due to seating limitations, meal reservations are initially open to CMC community and are free of charge (this includes Board of Trustee members and Emeriti faculty). 

CMC faculty and staff (and Emereti faculty and staff) may bring one family member to each Athenaeum meal free of charge. Subject to availability, additional guests may attend lunch for $17.50 or dinner for $20.00, with payment by check or cash at the door (exact change, please).  Board of Trustees may bring guests at no additional charge. These additional reservations must be arranged in advance with the director or manager of the Athenaeum.  CMC students may bring guests only with prior approval from the director or manager of the Athenaeum; guests of students will be charged $17.50 for lunch and $20.00 for dinner, with payment by check or cash at the door (exact change, please).

Parents and alumni may attend Athenaeum events and will be charged $17.50 for lunch or $20.00 for dinner. These reservations and payments must be made through the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations.

Space permitting, students, faculty and staff from the other Claremont Colleges are subsequently able to sign up for events. Meals are free of charge to all students, faculty and staff from Pomona, Pitzer, Harvey Mudd and Scripps.  KGI and CGU faculty and staff, as well as TCCS staff, may attend lunch or dinner free of charge. KGI and CGU students may attend 3 meals per semester free of charge. Subsequent meals will be charged $17.50 for lunch or $20.00 for dinner, with payment by check or cash at the door (exact change, please).

Reservations are generally not required to attend the lecture or performance after the conclusion of lunch/dinner. Generally, the lecture or performance will start around 12:15 pm for lunch events and 6:45 pm for dinner events. Attendance will be limited to the maximum number of people allowed by the California Fire Code.

Once a CMC student has signed up for a meal, the student will not be able to eat at a campus dining hall for that same meal period if they are on a meal plan.

The Athenaeum reserves the right to restrict attendance at the Athenaeum to CMC community members only.


The Athenaeum requests that registered guests refrain from wearing shorts, jeans, sweatpants, and tee-shirts at evening speaker events. However, such clothing is perfectly acceptable for lunch speaker events and for tea. We require footwear (any kind) at all times.

Students may contact the Dean of Students Office at or the Athenaeum at with any questions or concerns about Athenaeum attire guidelines.

Event Protocols

The Athenaeum reserves the right to request identification or utilize a ticketing system before allowing entry into an event.

Based on anticipated audience size, type of event, or when Eggert Dining Room is not available, speaker events or performances may be held in Freeberg or Parents.

The lecture or performance will begin at the conclusion of lunch/dinner. Time permitting, questions will be permitted at the end of the lecture/performance. Students have priority in asking questions. 

Attendees must conform their conduct to CMC’s Policy on Freedom of Expression/Assembly and Demonstrations on Campus Grounds during all events held at the Athenaeum.  Attendees who violate the Policy will be referred for discipline under the appropriate process.


No lecture, appearance, or performance by any speaker or performer may be videotaped, audiotaped, or otherwise recorded or broadcast in any fashion without the prior permission of the speaker or performer (or other authorized owner of any intellectual property rights to the event). 

When a speaker or event is recorded, those in attendance understand and agree that their likeness may appear in the recording. These recordings are posted online.

Those who violate this Policy will be referred for discipline under the appropriate process.


To accommodate the wait list and manage food waste, meal reservations must be canceled no later than 9:00 a.m. on the day of the event. If an individual accrues three no-shows or three tardy cancelations, the Athenaeum reserves the right to restrict attendance for that individual for all meals for the balance of the semester.


No outside alcohol is permitted at the Athenaeum. Proper identification establishing a person is age 21 or over is required before the person will be served alcohol.

If the speaker consents and technical assistance is available, the College may set up a live video feed for overflow crowds who are located in other campus venues.

When appropriate, events may be relocated to other campus venues.

The complete policies of the Athenaeum can be viewed online.

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