Honors Thesis

Senior Thesis in Government

The senior thesis is a general education requirement and the capstone experience of a student’s undergraduate education. Students must complete a senior thesis in at least one of their majors under supervision of a faculty reader who teaches within that major, unless granted a special exception.

Students who wish to graduate with departmental honors are required to complete a two-semester project. Candidates for honors register for a thesis research course in government in the first semester and for the senior thesis in the second semester. In addition, honors candidates must participate in a series of non-credit co-curricular thesis preparation programs conducted by the department of Government. The senior thesis and the thesis research course may not be counted as courses in the major.

Honors in Government

Each year the Government department conducts a Government—International Relations senior honors program. Students are eligible for honors if they:

  • Complete a two-semester, two-unit thesis in government with a grade of “A-” (11.00) or better;
  • Satisfactorily participate in a series of non-credit, co-curricular thesis preparation programs conducted by the department of Government;
  • Attain a grade point average of 10.50 or better in the major at time of graduation and;
  • Complete a thesis defense and attend a specified number of Government-International Relations thesis defenses.

Dual majors are eligible for honors in government if they:

  • Have completed all requirements for a full major in government and are granted honors, or
  • Qualify and receive honors in both disciplines of their dual major.

For additional information on the honors program, contact Professor Appel or the chair of the Government department.