CMC MatLab Launching Page

MATLAB is a mathematics program used in the sciences and Math departments.
Licensing: Current students, Current Staff, Current Faculty
Installation : Office, Lab, Classroom, Home/Personal Computers

Instructions for installation:

1) Visit the MatLab portal page.
2) Click “Sign in to get started” – this will take you through the CAS.

 MatLab sign in

3) After passing through the CAS, you will arrive at the MathWorks account page where you will need to either create a new MathWorks account (we recommend NOT using your CMC password) or sign in to an existing MathWorks account. 

Mathworks account page

4) Once signed in, you will be able to download and install the latest version of Matlab or Simulink.


Scrolling down the MatLab portal page to the Learn To Use Matlab and Simulink section for a full range of courses and tutorials. 

Matlab tutorial image

Clicking on one of these sections will take you through the CAS and then prompt you to sign in with your Mathworks account. Once signed in, courses and tutorials will be available.


By going to the MatLab portal page and scrolling down even further, you will find a section regarding using MatLab and Simulink in your teaching. 

MatLab and Simulink resource

Use the same process to access these.

Research Server

Information Technology Services provides and centrally administers a high-performance MATLAB server. This server is available to faculty for academic work and research projects, both from on- and off-campus.
For more information or to request access to the server, please contact the Helpdesk ( or Mike Malsed ( for instructions.