Digitizing Services

What we provide:

Image Scanning

2-5 Days

Photographs and images from books, journals and other publications are scanned and saved in a digital format. Color corrections, realignment and touchup are performed when necessary.

Slide Scanning

Slides are scanned to produce digital images in a variety of sizes and formats. The intended use of the digital image should be considered when selecting size and format.

Document Scanning

Color or Black and White documents can be scanned to produce electronic files in a variety of formats (PDF, .doc, .xls, etc.)

Resulting electronic files can be sent to you via email (depending on size), copied to your thumb drive or CD, or uploaded to your Sakai course.

Audio/Video Editing:

3-10 Days

Capturing video from VHS (NTSC), Mini-DV, and DVD (Standard and Multi-Regional); Titling and editing clips; Duplicating content and transferring video to other media types.

Streaming Video Conversion

Making video clips available over the web by means of a web page or your Sakai course site. 

Audio Capturing and Conversion

Audio tracks are captured from cassette or CD and saved to a digital format such as wav or MP3. 

File Transfers & Conversions:

1-3 Days

Converting text documents from a scanned file to another format such as PDF, Word, or Excel. We can also extract these files from one media type to another for portability and ease-of-use.

Adobe PDF File Creation

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files can be produced from hard copy documents (color or black & white) and documents in other digital forms such as Microsoft Word.

Optical Character Recognition

Using OCR software, scanned and electronic documents are converted to an editable format. 

Note: proof reading and correction of the editable document are not routinely performed as part of the OCR service.