Downloading Files from the Internet

The internet contains millions of things to download, the possibilities being almost endless. Extreme caution should be taken when you proceed to download files. Here are some basic rules to follow: Use common sense- Avoid clicking popup windows saying you have won something or that your computer is infected. Be suspicious of any unsolicited invitation to download free software. Never download just any file- Use caution, pay attention to who sent the file. If you are unsure of the person sending the file, don't download it. If you are suspicious of a file that a friend sent you, scan it with your anti-virus software before opening. Read the description- Before downloading any software, be sure to read the recommendations to be sure that it is compatible with your system.

SiteAdvisor - A new FREE service offered by McAfee for Internet Explorer users. This free plug-in adds safety ratings to sites and search results to help protect you from adware, spam, and online scams.

There are many trusted websites (see below) that offer downloads without viruses or spyware. Try to download from these websites before you visit random third parties that host downloads on their servers.