DUO - Adding an Additional Device


DUO can be configured to authenticate through multiple devices. Here are some instructions to add a new device to your DUO Profile. 

1.     Login to the Central Authentication Service (CAS) on your computer.

Faculty and Staff:
Go to Workday to login through the CAS.

Sign into your E-Mail to login through the CAS.

Select Claremont McKenna College from the Institute drop down list, enter your CMC username and password, then click on Login.

The Claremont Colleges Central Authentication Service with example login prompt for CMC users “ASmith”

2.    From the DUO authentication screen: 

On the left hand pane, click Add a new device

CMC Duo “Choose an Authentication Method” page with blue text with red band box “Add a New Device” to the left side of the page

3.    Choose an authentication method to verify that you are adding a new device.

From the Choose an authentication method section, click Send Me a Push.

CMC Duo “Add a New Device” page Prompt with Choosing an authentication method to confirm it’s really you with arrow pointed to Send Me A Push

Unlock your smartphone.

Duo Mobile Login Request from the CAS: (Central Authentication Service) on an iPhone iOS 10 interface

Open the DUO Mobile app and tap on the Request Waiting banner.     

Tap on the Approve button to complete the authentication process.

Duo Mobile app interface: With “1 Request Waiting. Tap to Respond” banner visible and arrow pointed to it and Duo-Protected Claremont McKenna College block underneath

4.    Proceed with the device enrollment process.

Select the type of device being added and click on Continue.

Duo Mobile app interface: Approve/Deny Login request powered by Duo Security coming from the CMC  CAS service with user “ASmith”, IP Address: 123.456.789.01 in the U.S. at 12:12:23 P.M. PDT on June 25, 2019 with arrow pointing to Approve

Enter the phone number of the new device.

CMC Duo “What Type of Device are you adding?” Page with choices Mobile Phone, Tablet, Landline, Security Key, with arrow pointing to Mobile phone and Continue

Check the box to confirm the phone number being added and click on Continue.

CMC Duo “Enter your phone number” Page with Phone Number (201)234-5678 with green-mark check and arrow pointing to Phone Number confirmation and Continue

Select device type and click Continue.

CMC Duo “What type of phone is” Page with red bandbox over iPhone with other choices Android, Windows Phone, Other(and cell phones) and arrow pointing to Continue

Then, click on I have DUO Mobile installed.

CMC Duo “Install Duo Mobile for iOS” prompt with arrow pointing to “I have Duo Mobile Installed”

The Activate DUO Mobile and QR code are shown. 

CMC Duo “Activate Duo Mobile for IOS” with red bandbox over QR code

On your smartphone, tap on the Add Account button (or click on the + sign on the top-right). This will open up your phone camera. 

Duo Mobile app Interface: “Welcome to Duo Mobile” page with arrow pointing to + icon on top-right corner and arrow pointing to “New to Duo? Add Account”

Using your smartphone, point the camera to the QR code.

Duo Mobile app interface: “Add Account” page with QR Code over area where camera is utilized by device to capture QR code

A green checkmark will appear over the QR code when complete. Click on Continue.

CMC Duo “Activate Duo Mobile for IOS” with green checkmark over QR code and arrow pointing to Continue

The new phone is added and listed with your other enrolled devices.   

Click on Continue to Login. 

The device can now be selected from a drop-down list on the Choose an authentication method screen.

CMC Duo “My Settings & Devices” page with Mobile phone device just recently added with it set as Default Device and “Ask Me to Choose an authentication method” with arrow pointing to “Continue to Login”