DUO - Delete a Device From Duo


Device management in DUO allows you to delete a registered device if it is lost or stolen. Before you delete a device, make sure there is at least one other device added (a regular phone, tablet, or a temporary bypass code from the CMC Help Desk) or else you will not be able to sign in using DUO.

Contact the CMC Help Desk for further assistance if you are not able to access your account.

Phone:  (909) 607-0911
On campus extension: x70911
Campus location:  Roberts South, Lower Level (RS012)
Email: help@cmc.edu


1.    Access the Central Authentication Service (CAS) page to begin. 

Faculty and Staff:
Go to Workday to login through the CAS.

Sign in to your E-mail to login through the CAS.

Select Claremont McKenna College from the Institute drop down list, enter your CMC username and password, then click on Login.

The Claremont Colleges Central Authentication Service with example login prompt for CMC users “ASmith”

2.    Choose an authentication method.

i.    From the left navigation page, select My Settings & Devices.  

CMC Duo “Choose an Authentication Method” page with blue text with red band box “My Settings & Devices” to the left side of the page
ii.    Choose an authentication method to advance. For this example, Send Me a Push will be used.

CMC Duo “My Settings & Devices” page Prompt with Choosing an authentication method to confirm it’s really you with arrow pointed to Send Me A Push

3.    Unlock your phone and open the DUO Mobile app.  

Duo Mobile Login Request from the CAS: (Central Authentication Service) on an iPhone iOS 10 interface

4.    Tap on the Request Waiting banner.

Tap on the Approve button to complete the authentication.

Duo Mobile app interface: With “1 Request Waiting. Tap to Respond” banner visible and arrow pointed to it and Duo-Protected Claremont McKenna College block underneath

Duo Mobile app interface: Approve/Deny Login request powered by Duo Security coming from the CMC  CAS service with user “ASmith”, IP Address: 123.456.789.01 in the U.S. at 12:12:23 P.M. PDT on June 25, 2019 with arrow pointing to Approve

5.    From your computer, in the My Settings & Devices section, click the Device Options button to select the device to be removed. 

CMC Duo “My Settings & Devices” page with device overview with iOS Mobile phone, Generic Smartphone, and iOS Tablet device added to profile with arrow pointing to Device Options for iOS Mobile phone device

6.    Click on the Trash Can icon to remove selected device. 

CMC Duo “My Settings & Devices” page with Device Options menu expanded out for iOS Mobile phone with options Reactivate Duo Mobile, Change Device Name, and Trash icon with arrow pointing to Trash Icon with red band-box

From the confirmation window, click Remove to confirm the removal of the device from DUO. 

CMC Duo “Are you sure you want to remove this device” prompt with arrow pointing to Remove

You have successfully removed your DUO device.