DUO - Policy


DUO Security offers multi-factor authentication to increase security when logging into your accounts. CMC is deploying Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to maintain the highest level of internet security. MFA acts as a redundancy system to help prevent fraudulent logins. When logging into any site that passes through The Claremont Colleges CAS (Central Authentication Service), you will also be asked to confirm your identity by acknowledging your login attempt on a separate device, like a smartphone.


This policy applies to CAS (Central Authentication Service) for all Students, Faculty, and Staff at Claremont McKenna College (CMC).

Policy Statement:

Prompt unenrolled accounts to enroll whenever possible.
Staff may choose to remember their device for 7 days per application.  Faculty and students may choose to remember their device for 30 days.
Duo MFA logs contain records of application access and authentication method, and what type of device used to authenticate with but no content. Thus, no private information is recorded.
Authentication methods only allow:  Duo Push, Duo Mobile passcodes, call phone (mobile or landline), and hardware tokens.