DUO - Setup Landline Device


DUO’s self-enrollment process makes it easy to register a device to approve your login requests.

DUO prompts you to enroll a new device when you log into a protected VPN, server, or web application using the Central Authentication Service(CAS) page.

On instances when you don’t want to use a smartphone or do not own a smartphone, DUO allows you to use a landline phone number to authenticate, such as your office phone or home phone.


1.    Login to the Central Authentication Service (CAS) on your computer.

The Claremont Colleges Central Authentication Service with example login prompt for CMC users “ASmith”

Faculty and Staff:
Go to Workday to login through the CAS.

Sign into your E-Mail to login through the CAS.

Select Claremont McKenna College from the Institute drop down list, enter your CMC username and password, then click on Login.

CMC Duo “Protect your Claremont McKenna College Account” Screen with arrow pointing to Start Setup

You will be greeted with a welcome message to setup DUO if this is your first time adding a device.

Click on the Start setup button.

CMC Duo “What Type of Device are you adding?” Page with choices Mobile Phone, Tablet, Landline, Security Key, with arrow pointing to Landline and Continue

2.    Add a New Landline Device. 

Enter and confirm the landline or office number extension.  Then, click on Continue.

CMC Duo “Enter your phone number” Page with Phone Number (201)234-5678 with green-mark check, Empty Extension field, and arrow pointing to Phone Number confirmation and Continue

3.    Confirm Device Added.

The landline is added and listed with your other enrolled devices.  Click on Continue to Login.

CMC Duo “My Settings & Devices” page with Landline device just recently added with it set as Default Device and “Ask Me to Choose an authentication method” with arrow pointing to “Continue to Login”