ITS is delighted to announce the availability of hypothes.is, a new resource to facilitate remote learning with social reading and collaborative annotation. Hypothesis.is can help students connect with faculty and with one another, even when they’re keeping their distance. Digital annotation offers new affordances, enabling students to respond to text using different media and empowering them to collaborate on understanding and developing ideas about their readings. 

hypothes.is logo

Hypothes.is combines social reading and collaborative annotation for education. Writing in the margins has always been an essential activity for students. Annotation helps in reading comprehension and in developing critical thinking about course materials. Hypothes.is enables students to continue this essential activity with online readings. Whether you’re teaching with digital texts, or you’re focused on web literacy or digital citizenship, you and your students can use Hypothesis to annotate course readings collaboratively and have threaded discussion in the form of annotations. Hypothes.is has been integrated with Sakai for a CMC pilot program for the fall semester. During this time period, ITS will offer workshops and training sessions and support all faculty adopting Hypothes.is. After the pilot is over, we will ask for input from Hypothes.is  adopters to help us as we discuss whether to pursue formal approval and purchase of Hypothes.is. 
For info on getting started with Hypothes.is, please reach out to the Help Desk at help@cmc.edu to schedule an appointment with a member of our Educational Technology team.