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To find out what LinkedIn Learning is all about and how it differs from Lynda, we recommend that you watch the short video below: Welcoming users to LinkedIn Learning (for upgrading users)

Certification Prep and Continuing Education courses: In addition to high quality video courses, LinkedIn Learning also offers an extensive selection of Certification Prep and Continuing Education courses – all certified by their respective vendors. You can use these courses to get continuing education credits for your certification which will allow you to keep your certifications relevant. Read more about these courses.

Lastly, here are some improvements and new features that you’ll find in your new LinkedIn Learning account:

  • At the core of LinkedIn Learning is  high-quality Lynda content 
  • The library includes more than 11,000  courses, and it grows every week
  • Playlists are now known as collections
  • Learners can add videos,  courses, and custom content to collections and view them in any order
  • Personalized course recommendations
  • Social curation from course “likes” to surface the most relevant or trending content
  • Intelligent search – it’s now easier to search and browse courses via pre-populated entries with the most searched words

Make sure your device meets the minimum requirements to use LinkedIn learning.