Resident Technology Assistants

2020-21 RTAs

We are here to support you!  Your dorm has at least one assigned RTA who is your first line of assistance.  You can also request RTA assistance at (scroll down and click on the "Login" button); and at .

Not only does your dorm have assigned RTA(s), we load balance across quads. 

Here are your 2020-21 RTAs:

Lead RTA

Ashkon Aghassi -


North Quad (Appleby, Boswell, Green, Wohlford):

Appleby: Sofia de la Pena -

Boswell: Ashkon Aghassi -

Green: Ian Larson -

Wohlford: Alyssa Gallagher -

Mid Quad (Beckett, Crown, Phillips):

Beckett: Sofia Rojas:

Crown: Kristina Park -

Crown: Elizabeth Song -

Phillips: Emily Lee -

BCBM (Benson, Berger, Claremont, Marks):

Benson: Chrstina Nguyen:

Berger: Sabrina Zhou -

Marks: Rohan Vaidya -

(Claremont is supported by the Benson and Berger RTAs)

Towers (Auen, Fawcett, Stark):

Auen: Joaquin Riojas:

Fawcett: Ashkon Aghassi - 

Stark: Matthew Hines -

Apartments and AK:

Apartments: Karina Park:

Apartments: Calder Altman -

AK: Marilyn Liriano -




For more information:

Student Technology Services
(909) 607-4547 - Mike Malsed - Assistant Director for Student Technology Services