Sakai - Learning Management System

Welcome to Sakai at The Claremont Colleges - a course management and collaborative learning tool. This system serves faculty, staff and students of all seven Claremont Colleges and the Claremont University Consortium.

Sakai is a free and open source product that is built and maintained by the Sakai community. The following are just some of the current tools that Sakai offers for your various teaching and learning needs:

Announcements: For posting current, time-critical information   
Assignments: For posting, submitting and grading assignment(s) online   
Calendar: For posting and viewing deadlines, events, etc.   
Chat Room: For real-time conversations in written form   
Drop Box: For private file sharing between instructor and student   
Forums: Display forums and topics of a particular site   
Gradebook: The next generation gradebook tool for the Sakai CLE   
Help: Searchable database with helpful step-by-step guides for various tools and options within Sakai  
Lessons: For creating content modules and sequences; can be organized by week or unit   
Polls: For anonymous polls or voting   
Resources: For posting documents, URLs to other websites, etc.   
Roster: For viewing the site participants list   
Site Info: For showing worksite information and site participants   
Syllabus: For posting a summary outline and/or requirements for a site   
Tests & Quizzes: For creating and taking online tests, surveys, and quizzes   

To get started with Sakai or for more information and resources, please click on the link below:

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