Smart Classroom Training Support

Training in the use of Smart Classroom Technology is offered by Media Technology services every year during New Faculty Orientation, and by appointment throughout the academic year.

Classroom Training

Faculty may schedule a personal training session or book a refresher session by using the online AV/Media Request System.

Classroom Support (scheduled)

Faculty may request a technician be present at the beginning of class to ensure things get off to a smooth start. Requests for technical support can be made using the online AV/Media Request System.

Classroom Support (immediate)

Equipment problems and failures that arise during class are of the highest priority, with every effort being made to provide immediate assistance and resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Classroom issues that require immediate assistance should be reported to the Help Desk. If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, Help Desk staff can re-route the call and dispatch someone to assist.


Training for use of the smart classrooms on campus is available for new faculty during New Faculty Orientation. There are also scheduled training sessions offered each semester and one-on-one training sessions are available upon request.

If you're trying something new or if you would like additional support to ensure your class gets off to a smooth start, you can request support staff  to assist you at the beginning of your class.

If you encounter difficulties while teaching, please use the in-class telephones to call the ITS Help Desk at extension 70911 for assistance.