Known Issues with Web E-mail

1. Security Certificate Conflicts with Older Versions of Internet Explorer (Mac and PC)

Mac users with Internet Explorer 4.5 get the error
The Identity Certificate Uses an Unknown Signature Algorithm.
The solution is to upgrade your Mac's IE browser.

PC users with Internet Explorer 5.01 or below may get a message that the certificate's dates are out of range, but it allows you to accept the certificate. This problem is resolved when IE is updated to version 5.5 or above.

2. Password will expire soon message appears

Login to webmail and select the Options tab (lower left of screen) and scroll to bottom and select the "Change Password" button.



3. Expired Passwords (Login Not Accepted)

If the username/password screen does not accept your username and password, it is possible that your password has expired.

To reset an expired password:

  • On Campus: Log in to a computer on the CMC network, such as one of the computers in Poppa Lab or Bauer Technology Classroom. It will tell you your password has expired and let you enter a new one.
  • Off Campus: Email and let us know it appears to have expired. DO NOT E-MAIL a new password to us as this violates campus policy. We will reset your account so you can login and update your password yourself.