Computer Science at CMC

CMC does not itself offer a major in computer science. As a member of the Claremont Colleges, CMC students wishing to major in CS can do so by completing the CS major at either Pomona or Harvey Mudd College. CMC does offer a Computer Science sequence, which is an abbreviated set of six courses that provide a substantial course of study in both the theory and practice of computing, beginning with the fundamental concepts and elementary programming using modern programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, and Scheme. The sequence culminate in courses emphasizing both the abstract principles of computer science as well as building systems and applications using modern software development methodologies and tools. Completion of the sequence is listed on students’ transcripts.


The requirements for the CS sequence can be found in the CMC catalog. Information about the major can be found on the Harvey Mudd and Pomona websites. The first three courses in the CS major and sequence are called the core. These core courses are CSCI 5, CSCI 60, and CSCI 70 at HMC, or CSCI 51, CSCI 52, CSCI 62 at Pomona (CSCI 51 is also taught every Fall semester at CMC.) These courses cannot be mixed, so once you start on the HMC core, you must complete the HMC core, and once you start the Pomona core, you must complete the Pomona core. Once students complete the core at either HMC or Pomona, they may take upper division courses through either program without restriction.

For further information please contact Prof. Mark Huber, the CS Sequence Director.