1,946 reasons to love CMC

Support the 1946 Challenge on Oct. 14-15

Whether a favorite class, an unforgettable WOA trip, or a fondness for Rice Krispie treats at the Athenaeum, there are plenty of reasons to love CMC. In fact, the College will be collecting 1,946 of them as part of the 1946 Challenge on October 14 and 15!

For 1,946 minutes, the CMC community is encouraged to come together and share their love and support—especially for our students. Let’s celebrate and uplift one another!

Here are some of the reasons the CMC community already has shared:

Faculty mentorship: “CMC is a great place to learn and grow. One of my favorite professors is Professor Massoud, who celebrated his 40-year anniversary at CMC. His commitment and enthusiasm for teaching was contagious, and inspired students to study harder and to do better.”—Faye Sahai ’90

Amazing athletics: “It’s special how much dedication and care my coach and teammates have put in to make the most out of our time apart. The whole (CMS) athletics department has done a fantastic job of making sure we’re ready when we’re back to campus. They’ve been supportive in every single way you can think of.”—Houston Engleman ’22, CMS soccer player

Close-knit community: “I love CMC because it has a very open culture where relationships are built with fellow students, faculty, and staff. I also love the commitment everyone has to the school, which really makes it a great environment.”—Luke Dhillon ’21

World class research: At CMC “there is an environment around having active research labs and most importantly, involving undergraduates in our work. We find ways to keep asking and answering the questions we are excited about, including seeking grant funding. We want to share that enthusiasm with our students and help them understand what research is all about.”—Sharda Umanath, psychology professor and recent winner of a National Science Foundation early career development grant

Personalized preparation: “I loved the small class sizes and how the professors and the College challenged us to think critically and do our best in the world.”—Dr. Nancy McCallin ’81

Friendly faces at the Athenaeum: I love the diverse programming at the Ath, made even better when you get to sit with the Starks!”—Tyler Finn ’17

A second family: “Two decades later and Professor Massoud, Professor Taylor, three bridesmaids, and friends spanning CMC classes of 1996-2000 are still like family to me!”—Stella Ho ’97

What’s your reason? Make a gift, tell a friend, and share your experience with us on October 14 and 15!