Lucas Agnew '15 starts super-PAC, gets media attention

Lucas Agnew '15 on MSNBC, April  6. Lucas Agnew '15 on MSNBC, April 6.

Lucas Agnew '15 started the Millennials for Jeb super PAC (Political Action Committee) in January after being inspired by the Ready for Hilary bus that visited CMC last year.

The super PAC, founded to support the Presidential candidacy of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, will fundraise, register voters and use social media and other means to get Millennials energized for the 2016 race.

Agnew discussed the super PAC and Millennial engagement in the 2016 elections on the "Melissa Harris-Perry Show" on MSNBC with guest host Dorian Warren, April 6.

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The Washington Post ran an article in February about Agnew's super PAC.

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