CMC: Supportive from the start

Vito Molina

Photo by Anibal Ortiz

March 7, 2023

Vito Molina ’25

Hometown: Santa Rosa, Calif.
Major: Economics and International Relations dual major

  • Student Connection
  • First-Year Guide
  • SOURCE Nonprofit Consulting
  • Gould Center for Humanistic Studies

As a new CMCer, Vito Molina ’25 remembers feeling nervous about his first year away from home. But like so many of his friends, Molina was pleasantly surprised when he arrived on campus by how supportive his professors, deans, and fellow students were from the start. “From the moment I stepped on campus, I had football players helping me move my bags into my dorm, First-Year Guides making me feel welcomed on campus, and the Dean of Students staff directing me to a myriad of helpful resources,” he said. These first few moments reflected the supportive community Molina was embracing.

One of the first classes Molina took was the Freshman Writing Seminar, “FWS: How to Do Things with Words,” with Prof. John Farrell. Knowing he needed to improve on his writing, he nervously submitted his first assignment and waited for feedback. Within an hour he received an in-depth audio recording filled with feedback from Farrell. Although the feedback came with the expected news that Molina had room to grow within his writing, the unexpected aspect of the message was that Farrell was going to help him get there. “We wrote and read every single day after that,” Molina recalled. By the end of the semester, Molina was ready to write his final paper, on his now favorite book, Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.

With the help he received from Farrell throughout the semester, Molina has a newfound sense of confidence in his writing. “I remember going into the Stark Computer Lab to write this essay, and feeling ready to write a confident, cohesive, and concise paper,” he said. “Prof. Farrell gave me the tools to become a better writer.” With the applicable nature of writing as a skill, Molina has found that the tips Farrell provided have continued to serve him in the classroom and his professional endeavors.

Passionate about immigration law, this past summer he worked at a startup digital bank, Maza. He worked in the strategy and operations department assisting with the company’s mission to help members of the Latino and undocumented community with setting up a bank account. Now, taking on his second year at CMC with renewed confidence, he has already begun taking steps toward his future. He has increased his involvement at CMC with SOURCE Nonprofit consulting, Student Connection, and research in the Gould Center for Humanistic Studies. He noted, “being a part of these teams is very fulfilling because it allows me to help other people on a large scale. My first year was crucial for me because the rigorous CMC curriculum helped me grow and develop sustainable and efficient work habits. As a sophomore, I recognize how CMC has helped me grow into an independent adult who wants to positively impact the lives of others on a global scale.”

Whether it was that first moment at move-in, inside the classroom, or in his first professional endeavor, Molina now knows what it means to be a CMCer.

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