CMC website redesign, beta version

Community input will allow us to improve the experience for everyone

Dear CMC Community,

Welcome back, everyone.

After a four-year run, CMC’s website was overdue for an update and redesign. Since January that process has been underway and today the new version will launch.

The visually dynamic new homepage is aimed at conveying the College’s unique qualities and approach to liberal arts education. It is also based on solid research on the best practices and the preferences of prospective students — an important audience for the homepage.

The changes to design and navigation address important usability issues for the community, including those who might have visual disabilities.

Like all of the web, our website is a constantly evolving process, and we consider this rollout a beta version that will change with the needs of the CMC community. Please review the design, navigation, and content, and provide comments so that the website reflects the best ideas and input.

We welcome your feedback and have set up a form for the community to comment.

After gathering feedback, we will make further changes to ensure that the website best serves the needs of our College and communicates our mission and the work that we do.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this process.

- Public Affairs