CMC’s Commitment to Our Students

November 17, 2016

Good Morning CMC Students:

I have very much appreciated my numerous conversations with students across campus the past several days as we all continue to remain engaged, open, and thoughtful about our campus community and the nation beyond.  Currently one of the more prominent national conversations is focused on the future of the many undocumented and DACAmented students enrolled at colleges and universities throughout the United States.

As a relatively new and increasingly proud member of this community, I have spent time in the past couple of days seeking to understand our College’s policy on this very important issue.  I would like to share with you what I have learned.  First and foremost, our CMC undocumented and DACA students are deeply valued members of our CMC community whom we will continue to wholly embrace.  We are committed to continuing to provide our students with the resources that we have available to support their success at CMC and beyond.

With specific reference to the current environment, we are particularly focused on and committed to:

  • Outreach and access to counseling and other support services through the Dean of Students Office and consortium resources;
  • Outreach and access to emergency funding from the Dean of Students Office; and
  • Outreach and access to any immediate and longer-term counseling, chaplaincy, the CARE center, and other forms of support.

We will also continue to follow our current policy to protect the legal interests of all our students.  Accordingly, unless legally compelled to do so:

  • CMC will not permit USCIS officials to conduct immigration enforcement activities and
  • CMC will not voluntarily produce documents or otherwise provide information in relation to any student’s immigration status.

Finally, we will continue to track any and all legal developments in this area and communicate openly about our ongoing efforts to support our students at the College.  I hope this information provides you with a sound understanding of CMC’s commitment to all our students and prompts you to learn more about the national dialogue on immigration.

In closing, I want to share how grateful I am to be surrounded by such bright, passionate, and compassionate students who have welcomed me so warmly.

Please do take some time during break next week to rest and recharge so you are at your best when you return and head into December. 

Take good care and have a safe weekend,



Sharon K. Basso, Ed.D
Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students