Join us for our 75-day CMC history journey: 1946 to 2021

If you were one of the 86 students attending CMC in 1946, you likely sported a crew cut and were a U.S. military veteran. You chose to enroll in a brand-new college that had recently sprung up among the rocks and sagebrush of Southern California. There were only nine faculty members, and due to temporary housing delays, you might have lived barracks-style in a basement nicknamed “Coconut Grove.”

CMC has come a long way since those early days. Beginning April 17, we’re excited to celebrate and honor each of the 75 years between 1946 and 2021 during a 75-day social media countdown that will take us through to July 1, the diamond anniversary year of the College’s founding.

“The countdown will be an ongoing history of the interesting, memorable, and unique things that happened in each year—whether in the world at large, on campus, or trivia related to the College experience,” said Sue Matteson King ’85 P’18, a CMC Trustee and Chair of the 75th Anniversary Committee. “It will be like a daily time capsule where you can explore what was happening in 1951 or 1967. And you’ll know when your class years are coming. I’ll be most interested in 1981 to 1985!”

The countdown is driven by a sense of community—whether sparking a favorite memory or teaching CMCers something new about the College, King added.

Here are ways that you can participate in the Countdown and prepare for our 75th Anniversary year:

  • Follow #CMC75 on social media

Beginning with 1946 on April 17, make sure to follow CMC social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook and join the countdown! CMS Athletics also will share their favorite moments in Athena and Stag history, along with CMC’s institutes and campus partners celebrating their own milestones.

You can be part of the celebration via social media by following and using #CMC75. “We’re hoping alumni will either recognize themselves or their classmates, and share an anecdote or a memory with #CMC75 when they see a photo or a story that resonates with them. We’d love to hear from everyone,” King said.

Starting April 17 with our 75th Anniversary countdown page, you can explore our first digital archive theme, The Founding of a Men’s College in Claremont, through various documents, images, and stories curated by CMC archivist Sean Stanley. A new theme will be shared each month during the anniversary year. Your gateway to the rich history and bright future of CMC, the 75th website launches in full on July 1.

  • Share your story with us

The CMC story won’t be complete until you share your story with us. So far, we’ve featured CMC love stories and CMC sibling memories. Up next, we’re seeking stories about your favorite professor at CMC. Have your own special memory or photo to send? We’re collecting them through our “Share Your Story” form on the 75th website. Let us know what CMC means to you!

  • Look for the commemorative CMC Magazine

Arriving in early summer, the College is preparing a special edition CMC Magazine to celebrate the 75th. The issue will serve as a keepsake for the Anniversary and highlight the unique history and shared bonds of CMCers through the years—and how those leadership commitments will continue to shape the College’s future. Alumni across all generations have submitted memories for a historical Class Notes section, with stories and recollections about favorite traditions, influential professors, and what they miss most about CMC. 

  • Gear up!
Student wearing new 'retro gear' now available at Supply Shop

Shop for CMC and CMS retro merchandise at the CMC Supply Shop. Exclusive items are available now in limited quantities, including new, never before offered shirts (like retro Athenas gear, at right), hats, sweatshirts, commemorative pins, and mugs.

  • Get involved! 

Join us for special programs as they are announced during the 75thAnniversary year. Check in with classmates and friends for future gatherings. Volunteer or suggest an idea for us to try during the 75th Anniversary.

Alumni also can enroll in the new Engage.CMC platform, a way to connect to one another, join discussions, share images, update your information, and support students.

Best of all: Save the date for an extraordinary all-class reunion scheduled for Memorial Day weekend 2022! Details to come.

Anne Bergman