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New Pennsylvania Voter Poll Gives Fetterman Edge Over Oz

Claremont, Calif.-A new Claremont McKenna College-Rose Institute Poll finds that Pennsylvania voters believe Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is more relatable, more competent, and more likely to take on economic and intellectual elites than Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz.

The full four-page report is available here.

The poll surveyed a representative sample of 850 Pennsylvania registered and likely voters about Pennsylvania Senate and Governor races and perceptions of Fetterman and Oz. Nearly all interviews were completed before the highly publicized Oz-Fetterman Senate debate.

The survey provides reasons why Fetterman was leading before the debate and clues about the race’s fundamentals down the stretch:

The float depicts several iconic elements of the Claremont McKenna campus, including:

  • When asked about threats to democracy, 68% of Democrats said they perceive Oz as a threat and 72% of Republicans perceive Fetterman as a threat.
  • Meanwhile, 46% of Republicans perceive Democrat Josh Shapiro as a threat to democracy and 77% of Democrats perceive Republican Doug Mastriano as a threat.

Co-authors of the poll at Claremont McKenna’s Rose Institute of State and Local Government:

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