Running for college affordability

Rita Gilles '15 provided the following update on Jan. 22:

We're up to 16 mile runs on the training plan. We have over 30 students already registered to run. We hold yoga classes every Sunday evening, thanks to talented yoga-certified Kosta Psaltis '15. And we could not be more excited for race day to arrive! Below are a few quotes from CMC runners, because they say it better than we ever could.

"I think it's a great opportunity to get to know friends in a new light and meet new students on campus. And it harbors a good sense of competition because we're competing to improve our health and raise money for a good cause. I've been working out for years and Ive improved my physique and mile time more in the past few months in group training than ever before. It's also a great break mentally to be outside and get off campus." -Melanie Paty '15

"A marathon is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. What is special about this one is that I'm not just running for myself- I'm running for CMC." -Reid Dickerson '18, Freshman Class President

" Marathon training has been one of the most exhilarating and encouraging experiences of my life. Before this, I never even gave a thought to completing such an accomplishment, but the support of the C MC community has changed that notion. I have absolutely loved the opportunity to get fit, healthier and closer to my peers through this process ."- Haley Sparks '15


From Nov. 24:

Want to do your part for college affordability? CMC students are organizing a team of students to run in the LA Marathon on March 15th to raise money for The Student Imperative, the College’s initiative to help ease financial hurdles to a CMC education.

“We care deeply about lowering economic barriers and increasing socioeconomic diversity on campus,” said organizers Ben Tillotson ’15 and Rita Gilles ’15 in a Nov. 10 email to the CMC community, asking for donation pledges for every student who finishes.

“As students, we don't have much to give, so we were trying to think creatively about how else we could contribute,” said Tillotson. “We ultimately settled on fundraising by running a marathon, because running 26 miles requires serious dedication and training. When we call members of the CMC community for donations, we want them to see that this is a cause we're passionate about.”

The first training session was in November: “For our shorter runs we've been using the track, and for the longer ones we have a big loop around Claremont,” said Tillotson.

CMC launched the Student Imperative this past January, a $100-million initiative aimed at raising financial support (both merit- and need-based), lifting economic barriers to access, and enhancing the undergraduate experience at CMC.

For more information on CMC’s LA Marathon team, contact Ben Tillotson ’15 (

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