Water damage causes evacuation of Beckett Hall first floor

The Beckett residence hall was flooded Monday, due to a backed-up drain. Less than one inch of water flooded the first floor of the building. Twenty rooms on the first floor have been evacuated, affecting 25 students.

Temporary housing is being arranged for the students, who may need to stay out of their rooms for the remainder of the week. Residents on the second floor may remain in their rooms.

Cleaning and repair crews are currently working on the site. Repair work will include pulling carpets, repairing any drywall damage, and sanitizing and drying the affected areas. Personal belongings that were in contact with the flood water will also be cleaned by a specialty cleaning firm.

Beckett Hall residents met with Dean of Students staff Monday afternoon to go over the status of the building and plans for living and property arrangements going forward. Those with further questions may contact the Dean of Students office at (909) 621-8114.