GOLD Challenge gives “graduates of the last decade” the chance to expand student opportunities

The GOLD Challenge, allowing alumni the chance to expand student opportunities, kicks off a the end of March.

Photo by Anibal Ortiz

For GOLD alumni — Graduates of the Last Decade — the GOLD Challenge is the chance to come together, give back, and make a difference in the lives of Claremont McKenna College students. This year’s fourth annual GOLD Challenge is coming March 28-30, 2023

Part of the historic Campaign for CMC: Responsible Leadership, now in its final months, the GOLD Challenge helps the College to expand student opportunities by encouraging collective participation.

When a Class hits 40% participation, CMC will award a GOLD scholarship to an incoming student in the name of that class. All gifts may be allocated to any area at the College, and when the Class reaches its goal, additional, direct impact on the students through scholarships is unlocked. Ten scholarships have been awarded since the GOLD Challenge’s inception in 2019.

In appreciation of her scholarship, Class of 2012 GOLD Scholarship recipient Tamoy Pitt ’26 said, “CMC has created a community for me that I never had. The people here are smart, kind, and ambitious. I am motivated to go above and beyond when I look at my future because of the people I have met here.”

Looking at the numbers, the potential that GOLD alumni have to impact the next generation of CMCers is clear:

  • In past years, gifts of $300 or less added up to $750,000, proving that gifts of every size matter.
  • GOLD alumni make up more than 30% of CMC’s entire alumni population, so they stand to make an outsized impact.
  • Historically, more than 2,600 young alumni have made gifts during the prior GOLD Challenges, and in total, have contributed nearly $300,000 to date.

Make your gift during the GOLD Challenge to ensure you’re included in the Campaign for CMC: Responsible Leadership honor roll.

If you’ve already made your gift this year, it is included in your Class participation. Thank you! Now, share the GOLD Challenge with your peers. #Give2CMC


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