Remembering Robert

“I have so many special memories, but what really stands out is the time Robert spent with all of us, especially his Robert Day Scholars. In his soft-spoken voice, he always tried to answer each student, sometimes with a twinkle in his eye or smirk on his face when he knew his response was going to draw a laugh. Robert built a true community because of the time he invested. We now have the responsibility to continue his legacy by investing our time in CMC and the Robert Day Scholars Program.”

Michelle Chamberlain
Vice President, Advancement & Student Opportunities
Dean, Robert Day Scholars Program

“The first thing I noticed about Robert Day was that we shared the same middle name—Addison. And so, “Addison” is what we called each other for the rest of our lives.

The next two things that were clear to me about Addison were traits I witnessed first-hand in our initial meeting on the skeet range at the Bohemian Grove. First, he was a deadeye shot. And second, he knew how to teach that skill, something he employed to make me a better hunter.

Along the way, I learned so much more about this wonderful human being who became my close friend.

I knew Robert Day as a brilliant investor and savvy businessman who maintained a laser-like focus on the challenges that confronted him. Such clarity helped him develop strong missions for everything he did—from the Trust Company of the West to the Keck Foundation.

Always enthusiastic, I learned that he also valued the rewards of risk, as long as it was smart and well calculated.

And of course, he had an oversized competitive drive that would have been the envy of the great Green Bay Packers’ football coach, Vince Lombardi. His mantra was simple: Winning is the only thing. But at the same time, he always led with an esprit de corps that made experiences with him as enjoyable as they were hard working.

But above all of the many traits that I came to recognize in Robert Addison Day, those strengths that made him such a successful and remarkable man, the one I cherish most was his capacity for friendship.

I cannot think about him without recalling the verse by Williams Butler Yeats that President George H.W. Bush liked to quote so often: “Think where man's glory most begins and ends, And say my glory was I had such friends.”

Addison was a dear friend, one of my best and closest. And my wife Susan and I will miss him greatly”

James Addison Baker, III
Former US Secretary of State

“I am honored to lead Mr. Day’s Scholars through his esteemed program, but what I love witnessing the most is the relationships that they build, thanks to Mr. Day. I am forever grateful for the students he’s connected me to, the alumni who have become friends, and the staff who have become family – all through the Robert Day Scholars Program. His generosity and spirit were truly unmatched.”

—Amy Flanagan ’11
Director, Robert Day Scholars and Scholar Communities
Robert Day Scholars Program
Soll Center for Student Opportunity

“I am grateful for his generosity and his passion for educating students in finance. I will never forget that Mr. Day’s generosity made my experience at RDS possible. He impacted my education profoundly. I feel blessed to have been able to take the finance courses at CMC that Mr. Day made possible. I know that what I learned helped me in law school, as well as when I have taught Business Organizations at Trinity Law School.”

—Alexa Clark ’14
2014 Robert Day Scholar

“My thoughts to his family. I had the chance to meet him many times and his generosity to CMC, and many other institutions, will leave a lasting impact."

Tim Galbraith ’87

“He lived down the hall in what then was called Claremont Hall. He had the only electric calculator in the dorm and he was generous about letting us check our accounting homework in it. His generosity to CMC knew no bounds.”

Rick Learned ’66

“What a wonderful human. His contributions to CMC and the greater LA community are legend. He made a truly monumental impact and I am glad I got to meet him several times. An inspiration. Condolences to the family and everyone.”

Jennifer Uner ’86

“Bob Day was a legend. His mark at CMC will be forever lasting and so impactful for countless students and alums. May his memory be a blessing.”

Wayne Slavitt ’80

“Having had the privilege of working with the Robert Day Scholars, I am grateful for the opportunities Mr. Day provided to many cohorts of students as they developed into financially responsible and literate leaders. Peace, Mr. Day.”

Beth Walkenbach

“He will be missed, but his legend and memories will live on forever at CMC and beyond.”

Tanya Altmann ’94

“I am extremely grateful for the incredible support and philanthropy that Mr. Day provided for my fellow RDS community and beyond. This program has been a transformative journey that shaped my academic, personal, and career trajectories in ways I could have never imagined. Specifically, the RDS program had a big impact on my leadership development and equipped me with the knowledge and skills to excel in my profession. The networking events and career development resources have exposed me to the real-world applications of my education and connected me with industry leaders. These experiences have been instrumental in building a strong foundation for my future career. Perhaps, the most significant impact of this program has been on my personal growth. The emphasis on leadership, ethics, and social responsibility has instilled in me a strong sense of purpose and a commitment to making a positive impact. These values will continue to guide my actions as I progress in my professional journey.”

Verrels Lukman Eugeneo PO ’25
2025 Robert Day Scholar

“Thank you Mr. Day. Your generosity, vision, and legacy are forever stitched into the fabric of CMC. You have helped more than you know.”

Andrew Nam ’15
2025 Robert Day Scholar

“Robert's generosity and leadership changed my life. He will be very dearly missed.”

Edgar Warnholtz Perez ’19

“As a CMC alumnus and recipient of my diploma and graduation handshake from Robert Day, then launching my career at The TCW Group after graduation, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to Robert’s family and extended loved ones. He has definitely meant a lot to CMC, and I remember ensuring the proper functioning of many a CMC phone night at TCW with John Faranda as I had the responsibility for TCW’s Telecommunications networks and made sure that phone night went smoothly. And then donning my alumnus hat and manning the phone bank to get donations for the College. RIP Robert Day.”

Dennis Pascual ’91

“Lost a wonderful CMCer and visionary leader. I love that his signature is on my diploma as board chair. He was a shining example of what a CMC education can enable a student to accomplish.”

Henry Taylor ’94

“I remember Bob from my time at CMC. Deepest condolences to his family. May his soul rest in peace. Om Shanti.”

Kunal Khemka ’99

“I have known Mr. Day since I joined the College in 1980. Bob was a fan and a great supporter of our Accounting program. He always felt that everyone must understand accounting - the language of business. I was the lucky one to benefit from his first major gift to CMC, the chair that I held until my retirement. I was honored when President Stark told me that Bob wanted me to be the first Robert Day Professor of Accounting!!

During my years at CMC, I had the pleasure to meet Bob in his private dining room at TCW to discuss the Accounting program and the challenges we faced. He always asked good questions and expected honest answers. He was so kind, a great listener and always greeted me with his warm smile. Last year, I even had the pleasure to lunch with him at his beautiful house.

I cried when I was told of his passing because he was a great man and wonderful friend. One of his famous sayings was that “when we are done, we will go together.” It turns out that is how it happened, as we both left CMC!! My thoughts and prayers are with his family. He will be remembered forever. God rest the soul of my good friend.”

Professor Marc Massoud P ’89

“I am beyond thankful for Mr Day's generosity and the impact the Robert Day Scholars (RDS) program and community have had on my life. I still remember when I was applying to transfer and first read about Robert's gift and vision for RDS. I begged Adam Miller ’03 in CMC Admission to let me come to CMC because what Robert outlined in the Scholars’ announcement. It was exactly what I was looking for - a traditional liberal arts education supplemented with real financial and accounting training. I felt then like Mr. Day designed the program with me in mind, and 15 years later, all I can say is thank you!”

Mike Widmann ’10

“So much of my career is owed to Robert, CMC, and the Robert Day School. I am eternally grateful.”

Calvin Jiang ’15
2015 Robert Day Scholar

“We were all incredibly fortunate to have been touched by his generosity and the doors that have opened as a result.”

Dana Stanley ’12
2012 Robert Day Scholar

“Mr. Day is a legend. I’m very thankful for the support from him and you all during the RDS program and CMC generally. That program and my relationship with you all has yielded many opportunities for me that I otherwise would not have had access to.”

Phil Crawford ’15
2015 Robert Day Scholar

“He was a giant and made such a difference in my life. I was very grateful a couple of years ago that I got to look him in the eye, shake his hand, and thank him personally for his generosity and for helping fund my education. And for the accounting and finance coursework requirements of the program, which I still use.”

Aditya Pai ’13
2013 Robert Day Scholar

“I’ll always be grateful for the opportunities the scholarship enabled in terms of making education more affordable, getting to learn all sorts of skills in workshops, and opening up more easy access to learning from so many alumni. It’s been years but I don’t take his scholarship for granted.”

Shree Pandya ’14
2014 Robert Day Scholar

“I am forever grateful for Robert Day's kindness and generosity. He inspired those around him and helped everyone realize their potential to accomplish great things. He will be missed.”

Jonny Simkin HMC ’10

“Although I have never interacted with Mr. Day, I am deeply indebted for his generosity towards the CMC Community, and I have benefited greatly from it. His entire family is in my thoughts, and I want to sincerely thank Mr. Day for his contributions towards my success.”

Vykunth Ashok ’11

“I am grateful for the community that Mr. Day created within the Robert Day Scholars Program. His commitment to creating a meaningful and connected program that supports one another wholeheartedly is a legacy that will live on forever. I am honored to support the Robert Day Scholars Program and the extraordinary opportunities he created for our Scholars.”

Brooke Bernal
Assistant Director of External Relations, Robert Day Scholars Program
Soll Center for Student Opportunity

“I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Robert Day. His generosity afforded me the opportunity to take advantage of an amazing academic and professional development program through the Robert Day Scholarship. What I learned as a Robert Day Scholar - both from the program and Robert himself - has set me up for success and I am forever grateful. I still look back fondly on the dinner I shared with him at the annual Robert Day Scholars reunion, where he dispensed advice, told stories, and laughed with us over a glass of his Robert Day wine. I know he will be deeply missed by many.”

Monica Cason ’14
2014 Robert Day Scholar

“I am immensely grateful that I had the opportunity to attend CMC as a Robert Day Scholar. The program that Robert created is truly one of a kind. Not only did I learn crucial financial, analytical, and leadership skills for my career, but I also developed what I know will be lifelong friendships with my classmates. It was an honor to be part of the program and to meet Robert. ”

Olivia Carey M’22
2022 Robert Day Scholar

“I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Mr. Robert Day for his generous contributions to CMC and his invaluable impact on the Robert Day Scholars Program. From networking treks to insights from esteemed guest speakers and transformative workshops, the program provided me with indispensable hard and soft skills. The RDS program is a gem unique to CMC and was instrumental in jumpstarting my career. As we bid farewell to Mr. Day, let us hold onto the legacy he leaves behind. Robert will forever be cherished and dearly missed.”

Shayna Lyandvert ’18
2018 Robert Day Scholar

“I’m not sure there are many people I have met or will meet who will change my life as profoundly as Robert.

His kindness through the program has gifted me some of my best friends, some of my greatest mentors, some of my fondest moments, my first and second jobs out of college through Robert Day Alumni and countless other truly amazing opportunities. I would imagine and hope that this can be said of many of the people in his program.

Knowing him outside of the program, he was inspiration and a legend. He never shied away from encouraging anyone to go seek out their dreams and live as large as he did. I think the idea that is sometimes underappreciated is that he was a man who would never stop or settle. From TWC to his private investments, his mind raced endlessly about what was next.

In this past week, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my final moment with him in April. Not knowing then it would be my last. But I think I’ll leave this page with what I told him last “Thank you so much for everything.”

FJ Husic ’22
2022 Robert Day Scholar

“As a RDS scholar, I am truly grateful for Mr. Day's visionary support throughout my CMC journey. The Recognition Dinner was definitely a true highlight. I am immensely proud to be part of this exceptional community from CMC!”

Zihan (Cathy) Ye ’18
2018 Robert Day Scholar

“I’m grateful to Mr. Day for the Robert Day Scholars Program that has helped me to launch my career, develop my personal growth, and experience a world-class education at CMC. His kindness, humor, and insight left an impression on me that I will treasure forever. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to meet him and will miss him immensely.”

Christopher Hu ’21
2021 Robert Day Scholar

“I'd like to extend my condolences to the Day family and also express my thanks to the late Mr. Robert Day. As a titan of Finance, Mr. Day knew as well as anyone the power of compounding, and it's because of him that I had an advantage from day 1 of my compounding. I may not be where I am today if not for the educational opportunity and scholar designation he gave me. I can only hope to achieve a fraction of his success so that I can broaden his legacy.  Gone, but certainly not forgotten. Thank you.”

Rishabh Parekh ’12
2012 Robert Day Scholar

“What I will always remember about Mr. Day is how much he cared about CMC students.

During an address to his Robert Day Scholars, he extended an open invitation to have lunch with him at the California Club. He wasn’t just saying that to sound nice and approachable. Another scholar and I reached out and were soon having lunch with Mr. Day.

During lunch Mr. Day was genuinely interested in our experiences at CMC and career aspirations. He patiently answered our questions and regaled us with tales of his career and what he’s learned along the way. When he got to a funny point in the story, he always leaned in with a knowing smile and a sparkle in his eye.

Mr. Day showed how much he cared about CMC with incredibly generous donations to the college. He also gave a more precious gift — his time. Thank you, Mr. Day, for taking the time to invest in our success.”

Juliet Archer ’11

“I had the good fortune of interacting with Bob Day for many years. Perhaps we were bound to meet after I joined CMC in 1998, since I was told that Bob raised the need for the College to have a faculty member who specialized in Mexico, given its proximity to Los Angeles, which boasts the largest Mexican population outside of Mexico.

I volunteered to serve on the Academic Affairs Committee, a group which interacts with the Board of Trustees. Consequently, I was able to witness his administrative skills as chair, and participate in numerous conversations. He was devoted to the college in so many ways. My personal example of his initiative occurred in 2017, when I was awarded a medal by the Mexican government. Without my prior knowledge, to my great surprise, he planned an encounter with Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Relations and other prominent Mexicans from the government and the private sector before a celebration at the Consulate in Los Angeles. His personal initiative reflected his view that CMC could play a role in furthering the relationship between Mexico and Los Angeles.”

Roderic Ai Camp
Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle,
McKenna Professor Emeritus of the Pacific Rim, Claremont McKenna College

“Mr. Day has left behind an amazing legacy that we can all celebrate, remembering him as a pioneer whose benevolence has left an indelible mark that has transformed CMC and the lives of everyone in the CMC community in countless positive ways. I am forever grateful for Mr. Day's vision and generosity, from which we have all greatly benefited.”

Ara Demirjian M ’12
2011 Robert Day Scholar

“Claremont and ‘Bo’ (Robert Day) changed the trajectory of my life. Bo and I were friends for 63 years. Our rooms were 10 feet from each other at Claremont Hall. As a freshman, he asked, “What do you want to be?” I wanted to be a successful lawyer like my father. He said, ”You won’t be a great success unless you work for yourself.

According to Bo, to be a success:

  • You have to leverage your time by inspiring others. 
  • You have to create new scientific discoveries.
  • You have to create a new product or find a new way to sell an existing product.
  • Discover new minerals like the gold rush or oil like my grandfather, founder of the Superior Oil Company.

Claremont and Bo opened up a world of success that I never knew existed. I learned that I could contribute to a world by very, very hard work and a “can-do optimism.” Bo and I became best friends. When I lost my parents at 19, I felt lost, Claremont became my new home. Bo’s family opened their hearts to me. His mother became my mentor and his family became my family. When I got married, Bo was my best friend and best man. Later he became best friend and best man to everyone he touched. Bo’s family will live on through his legacy. Claremont will carry on his legacy. He will live in our hearts forever.

I’ll miss you, dear friend, we will meet again.”

Jon Holden DeHaan ’63
Founder of RCI and Jon H DeHaan Foundation for Heart Research

“Robert Day has had a profound impact on my life. There aren’t words to adequately express my gratitude for Robert’s legacy, guidance, the RDS program, and the exceptional community he has created. His support and generosity significantly shaped my experience at CMC and helped guide me on the path I walk today. It is an honor to have known Robert Day during his lifetime, and he will be greatly missed.”

Anna Graves ’20
2020 Robert Day Scholar

“The RDS community gave me lifelong friends and mentors who have changed my life. Thank you, Mr. Day for your generosity and leadership.”

Peter Kim M ’17
2017 Robert Day Scholar

“Mr. Day and the RDS program have greatly influenced my experience at CMC and life post-college. I had the amazing opportunity to work for Mr. Day’s family office, and was lucky enough to share multiple meals with him and get to hear his insights on career, education, and life. It was clear that he cared immensely about the students of CMC and wanted to provide us all of the resources we need to be successful. I am so thankful to Mr. Day for his guidance, philanthropy, and the time he gave to the students of CMC. I will always cherish the interactions I had with him, and the experiences I’ve been granted thanks to the Robert Day Scholars Program.”

Elizabeth Iwicki ’23 M’23
2023 Robert Day Scholar

“Robert’s legacy of generosity and support for Claremont McKenna College and the Robert Day Scholars Program changed the lives of countless students. With his mountain of success, he was always willing to reach down and help others make their own ascents. His example and engagement live on as the next generation pays it forward, compounding his impact and indirectly helping those he didn't get the chance to meet. Robert and the Robert Days Scholar Program had a profound, positive impact on my life, and I will forever be grateful to him for the opportunities and support it provided.”

Andrew Fatch M’13

“Robert was extremely generous with his time and presence with the Robert Day Scholars. Over the years, Robert shared with us invaluable lessons from his decades of experience in the business world. We were encouraged by Robert to study the language of business: Accounting. I could not be more grateful for his advice. Robert’s vision and generosity have made an everlasting change at CMC. We will miss his wit and wisdom immensely.”

Yu-Yu Lin ’10
2010 Robert Day Scholar

“Mr. Day will always be the person who gave me and my peers opportunities of a lifetime. So many of my most cherished memories of my time at CMC were thanks to Mr. Day’s kind generosity and deep belief in developing ourselves as leaders through areas beyond the classroom. My deepest sympathy and gratitude to him and his family.”

Viola Hernandez Derbez ’23
2023 Robert Day Scholar

“It was my pleasure on many occasions to meet and dine with Mr. Day. He was an exceptionally inclusive, present, and generous person. Both he and the RDS program taught me skills I try to pass on to others daily. Thank you Robert for what you have given and inspired in others.”

India C. Mullady SC’11
2011 Robert Day Scholar

“I am astounded by the generosity and support that Mr. Day provided to our CMC community over the years. His legacy and cultivation of the Robert Day Scholars program not only inspired me to be a deep-thinking leader, but empowered me to reach the position with which I am exiting college. I will be forever grateful for his role in so many CMCers lives and the way that the Robert Day Scholars program has propelled my personal and professional growth. Thank you Mr. Day.”

Kira Hirsch ’23
2023 Robert Day Scholar