CMC Student Testimonials

Leadership. Learning. Happiness. Passion. Boiling down the CMC experience would be worthless without you, the Claremont McKenna College student. You strive. You define. You provoke. You create. You speak. And here, you share.

“Favorite memory? Spontaneously going snowboarding on a Sunday. It was sunny and warm on campus, but the snow was perfect up on Mt. Baldy."
Hannah Whittemore

“I chose CMC because of its practical approach to a liberal arts education.”
Demetrius Lalanne

“Participating in athletic affairs has allowed me to interact with students from across all other boundaries."
Jake Petzold

"I want to practice obstetrics in resource-poor areas around the world because international medicine encourages creativity, genuine connections, and relentless drive and passion.”
Erikan Obotetukudo

Humans vs. Zombies my freshman year was an intense bonding experience. This colorful plastic gun represents when I first realized that CMC had become home. Also, ZOMBIES.”
Grace Ding

Sometimes I’m a diligent student burning the midnight oil before an exam; at other times, I’m a defensive back making a game-saving tackle.”
Elijah Chiang

“The atmosphere at CMC lends itself to high achievement while maintaining a healthy quality of life.
Julia Starr

“In my single bedroom, I have two beds: one for me and one for my bike."
Jack Oliphant

"As a neuroscience major, I have a special attachment to the brain and its functioning, which I find intriguing and fascinating.”
Paige McCleary