Shared Responsibility

Our community efforts to date have already had a significant impact and set a foundation for taking on the challenges and advancing core CMC commitments outlined in The Initiative.

Synthesizing our core committee recommendations, learning from and building upon the accomplishments and challenges faced in the first phase of The Initiative, we will continue to build on the foregoing programs and pursue the following key priorities this year:

  • Faculty and Staff Recruitment and Hiring – We will continue to build on the structural interventions implemented in our recruitment and hiring processes to support the faculty’s development of a diverse pool of applicants for each employment opportunity at the College. We will also expand the training provided to all members of the community who participate in the hiring process in order to build capacity around minimizing the impact of bias, proactive recruitment strategies, and expanded marketing efforts. 
  • Enhance and Expand Student Recruitment – We will build on the current efforts in the Office of Admission and Financial Aid and implement a coordinated strategy that supports the recruitment and retention of a diverse student population throughout the College. We have added two additional staff members who are focused on strategic recruitment efforts. Athletics continues to advance opportunities and education centering on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Alumni and parents are committed to supporting the College in its efforts to yield admitted students. Our focus this year will be on continuing to increase access to the College through expansion of pipeline programs, college transition programs, and college affordability.
  • Culture of Recognition and Acknowledgement – We will develop opportunities to celebrate and recognize individuals and departments across the College that have exhibited extraordinary efforts to promote diversity and inclusion at the College and exceptional commitment to working against the impact and effects of racism. We intend to honor the work of students, staff, and faculty, as well as academic and administrative departments. The goal is to build a culture of recognition that fulfills the commitment that our actions are integral to the mission of the College.
  • Campus Climate Survey for the Entire Community – As a tool to assess the current state of the campus environment, we will engage in a community-wide survey of students, staff, and faculty. We will be intentional to garner participation and focus our efforts on sharing the results broadly. The survey will also provide a new baseline metric for future comparison to assess improvement and strengthen our outcomes through effective measurement.
  • Outcome Measure Development – We will continue to develop a full set of metrics in order to evaluate our actions and interventions: what worked well or poorly, how do we know, and why? We will evaluate our current institutional data and assess how best to improve it. Through such measures, we will adopt a holistic approach that can account for the success of our commitments through an evaluation of our performance.

Community Voices


Open-Minded Approach

Athenaeum fellows had the opportunity to interview Ibram X. Kendi as part of programming that proved timely and important while speaking about topics related to anti-racism.

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Building a Campus Home

As the CARE Center celebrated its 5th Anniversary, former and current fellows reflected on how the space has helped them find community and explore their identities in meaningful ways.

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'Solutioning' Together

CMC alumni spoke about their commitment to engaging the community on anti-racism efforts, along with steps needed to increase diversity in the student body and the Alumni Association.

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