The Road Ahead

The Presidential Initiative on Anti-Racism and the Black Experience in America is outcome-driven and committed to develop the tools to evidence its impact; to evaluate and assess whether “our efforts have yielded the desired effects and how we can do better.”

Outcome measures focus on the core commitments of The Initiative. Not just to support our Black community, but to expand it. Not just to study racism, but to find effective ways to end it.

Regardless of the specific pace of our progress, we must ask two questions each day.

Have we supported and expanded our Black community?

Have we studied racism and advanced effective ways to end it?

CMC’s Diversity Committee, composed of faculty, staff, and students, is tasked with oversight of these and other key metrics, including from survey-generated data, and outcomes to measure our progress. The College is also grateful to The Initiative’s committees and leaders who helped us formulate our plan during the 2020-21 academic year.

We look forward to this next phase of broader community engagement, planning, implementation, and impact.

“This is a time for the College to look within and think about, ‘Are there institutional barriers to experiencing the best of what CMC has to offer? Is everything at the College accessible to every member of the community in similar ways and capacities?'”

Associate Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Civil Rights Officer

“There’s no right way to get involved with anti-racist work on campus. Joining campus affinity groups, attending cultural and educational programming, or working as a CARE Fellow are all great ways to make a difference. In my time as a CMC student, I’ve found that there’s always a need for people willing to help.”

– ZANE YAMAMOTO, Class of 2024