Past Senior Theses

2019 Senior Theses

Identity Invalidation among Multiracial Individuals: Do the Identities of the Source and Target of Invalidation Matter?
Lauren Kikue Calogero
Reader: Shana Levin

Dynamic Motivation to Lead: Construct Validity of Motivation to Lead
Leya Aronoff
Readers: Ron Riggio and David Day

What Would You Buy? The Effect of Color and Font Size in Digital Advertisements on Purchase Intentions
Julian Edward Castañeda
Reader: Mark Costanzo

Teaching the Leisure Skill of Photography to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Alicia Tsai
Reader: Marjorie Charlop

The Effects of Relational Savoring on Maternal Responsiveness: Investigating the Role of Culture
Ashley Ahn
Reader: Stacey Doan

Predicting Acculturation Orientation in Third Culture Individuals: Where Do They Call Home?
Pari Garg
Reader: Tomoe Kanaya

Walking in Their Shoes and Around Their World: Perspective-Taking in Fiction
Allie Crum
Reader: Piercarlo Valdesolo

Consonant and Dissonant Music Chords Improve Visual Attention Capture
Graham Spurrier
Reader: Alison Harris

Civilly Disobedient: Justifying Juror Misconduct
Grace “Zippy” Wilson
Reader: Dan Krauss