Transferring Credit to CMC While on a Leave of Absence

Students on a leave of absence may take classes elsewhere as long as the primary purpose for the leave of absence is not to attend another college or university full-time. We accept up to 2 units of pre-approved coursework back to CMC for each regular semester away for students in good academic standing.

Where should I take courses?

You should look for courses offered at regionally accredited institutions, taught in a context and environment that provides direct contact with regular college faculty and other degree-seeking college students. At a minimum, the courses must apply toward the Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) granted by the college or university where they are taken.

What courses are transferrable to CMC?

The courses you take must be comparable to undergraduate liberal arts courses offered at The Claremont Colleges during the academic year to transfer to CMC. Our transfer credit policies in the catalog describe what types of courses are transferrable.

What course disciplines should I avoid?

Look for courses in traditional liberal arts disciplines. Specific areas to avoid include marketing, management, human resources, business administration, cooking, fashion, education, nutrition, kinesiology, real estate, or other vocational topics. You should also avoid courses that repeat content with classes for which you’ve already earned credit.

Can I transfer in courses for general education or major requirements?

Your transfer courses can count for major, general education (GE), or sequence requirements only with the approval of the appropriate department chair or program coordinator.

Can I take classes online?

All transfer courses need to be taken in person, on a college campus and with direct contact with college faculty and other college students.

How can I get courses pre-approved?

Fill out a transfer credit pre-approval request before you take your classes. If you have approval for a course to satisfy a major, GE, or sequence requirement, append the approval of the appropriate department chair or program coordinator to the form.

How much credit will I receive for a course?

CMC uses a standard conversion ratio to convert semester and quarter credits/hours to CMC course units. One CMC course unit is the equivalent of 4 semester units or 6 quarter units. If you take more than the equivalent of 2 CMC units of eligible coursework, we will transfer in the maximum of 2 units.