Internal Funding Opportunities

CMC Opportunities

CMC Faculty Research Proposals

The Faculty Research Committee invites applications for CMC faculty research funds needed, beyond available IFA and department funds. Applicants should provide an itemized budget, and explain how the total amount requested exceeds IFA and department funds already spent or allocated.

Funding can be requested for direct research costs (e.g., data/equipment, archival materials, student research assistants, publication costs), research travel, and conference travel, but not faculty stipends. Maximum funding in any one academic year is $10,000.

In addition to the quality of the research proposal, priority will be given to:

  • Junior faculty
  • Research that leads to peer-reviewed publications, grants, or other scholarly achievements
  • Research that involves students
  • Conference travel to present research
  • Faculty who do not have access to other sources of institutional funding (e.g., faculty who are not associated with CMC research institutes)
  • Faculty whose past use of research support shows evidence of the above priorities

The Faculty Research Committee typically releases a call for proposals three times a year: early fall, early spring, and late spring (for summer), with typical deadlines during the first weeks of the fall and spring semesters and the week after Spring Break. Please contact for more information.

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Faculty Research grant program

Faculty grants are awarded on a competitive basis.  Due to limited funds, this grant is offered to full-time tenured or tenure-track professors only. Interested faculty members should submit a research prospectus that outlines the research question and relationship to entrepreneurship/innovation. Selection criteria include the importance of the topic, likelihood of successful publication, and expected quality of the student research experience.

Grant amount: $5,000, made in two installments: $2,500 upon award of the grant and $2,500 after a final paper is submitted (within one year of the award).  Faculty members who are awarded grants will be matched with student research analysts to aid in their work.  

Please contact Theodora Coulis at CIE for more information.

Lowe Faculty/Student Research Program

The Lowe Institute invites faculty to apply for a Lowe Faculty/Student Research Program in any area of economics. Faculty participating in the Program will receive a $7,000 stipend and will be awarded up to $5,000 in research assistant support.

Please contact Kelly Lockhart Spetnagel at the Lowe Institute for more information.

The Roberts Environmental Center

On a highly selective basis, the Roberts Environmental Center offers faculty members who conduct research on environmental issues support for research assistance. 

Please contact Kristin Miller at the Roberts Environmental Center for more information.

The Berger Institute for Work, Family, and Children

The Berger Institute aims to support faculty research on projects related to issues of work, family, and children (broadly defined) while engaging students in meaningful and valuable roles in faculty research. Faculty who would like to work with a current CMC research assistant are eligible to apply for funding for this purpose from the Berger Institute. Students are hired by the Berger Institute but supervised by individual faculty members. Faculty are also invited to suggest/invite guest scholars to speak in the classroom or at the Athenaeum. Requests may be made on a rolling basis and approval is dependent on availability of funds and fit with the Institute’s mission.

Please contact Gabriela Grannis at the Berger Institute for more information.

The Gould Center Faculty Summer Research Fellowships

The Faculty Summer Research Fellowship is an annual program which provides stipends to CMC faculty to facilitate their pursuit of a variety of humanities-related projects within their overall scholarly program. Of special interest are faculty who have published major books or papers.

7C Opportunities

Claremont Colleges Diversity and Inclusion Awards

The Claremont 7Cs Diversity Working Group offers two consortium-wide awards to recognize faculty members who have made exceptional contributions to enhancing and supporting diversity and inclusion within the Claremont Colleges community.

The Claremont Colleges Diversity Teaching Award honors innovative pedagogical activities that effectively address issues or concerns related to diversity and inclusion in classroom or other structured settings. These activities are broadly defined and could include full courses, specific assignments, or classroom practices.

The Claremont Colleges Diversity Mentor Award seeks to identify and honor faculty members who have provided consistent and meaningful support and encouragement to students, staff, or colleagues from historically underrepresented populations. Nominated faculty members may have been agents of institutional change, or their actions and leadership may have been important in other ways in fostering access and success of all community members.

Any full-time faculty member with an appointment at one or more of the Claremont Colleges is eligible for these awards. Faculty members can apply/be nominated for either or both awards, although separate application materials are required for each award. The winners will receive a $2,000 award in the form of a discretionary account.

Please contact Lee Skinner and Nyree Gray for more information.

Blais Challenge Awards

The BLAIS Foundation is a Claremont Graduate University endowment devoted to the promotion of intercollegiate service, academic program development, and research. Applications for BLAIS Challenge awards must be submitted by teams of two or more faculty members, including at least one CGU core faculty member and one professor from an undergraduate Claremont College.  The awards are generally in the range of $10,000-$25,000.  The deadline for proposals is generally in late spring, and there is sometimes an additional round during the summer or fall.  The 2016 BLAIS Challenge RFP is now inactive, but it may be viewed for additional information about the program. A list of recent recipients may be found below.

Digital Humanities at the Claremont Colleges

Digital Humanities at the Claremont Colleges (DH@CC) offers competitive digital course development grants to 5C professors who will use the funds to develop or redesign courses that focus on or make use of digital tools.

Visit the Digital Humanities website for more information.