Services We Provide

Pre-Grant Activities

  • Prospect research to uncover possible funding sources.
  • Inform faculty on requests for proposals from government sources.
  • Facilitate contact with granting agencies and program officers.
  • Strategize planning and proposal development timeline to meet all relevant deadlines.

Grant Preparation Activities

  • Coordinate pre-award meeting with PI, and OSR to review program announcement.
  • Providing relevant institutional data.
  • Providing CMC descriptive text.
  • Assist with proposal drafting and ensure all required proposal elements are met.
  • Assist with budget preparation and obtain institutional approval of final budget.

Submission of Proposals

  • Ensure all federal and institutional compliance regulations are met and that pre-submission forms are complete.
  • Review completed materials and coordinate mailing services.
  • Submit on-line proposals.

Post-grant Activities

  • Monitors reporting deadlines.
  • Assist with report preparation.
  • Act as liaison with Pendleton Financial Services/CMC Team.


Practices and requirements to keep in mind when developing grant ideas:


  • Start the process early! Funding usually comes months after submission.
  • The Office of Sponsored Research must sign off on all proposals prior to submission, and must receive a final copy of all proposals submitted.
  • Most government agencies require on-line submission only through the Office of Sponsored Research.